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As educators, it's our job to stimulate the intellectual development of children, and, in this era, it's simply not enough to operate on the axis of color-blindness.To truly engage students, we must reach out to them in ways that are culturally and linguistically responsive and appropriate, and we must examine the cultural assumptions and stereotypes we bring into the classroom that may hinder interconnectedness. To engage students effectively in the learning process, teachers must know their students and their academic abilities individually, rather than relying on racial or ethnic stereotypes or prior experience with other students of similar backgrounds.Many teachers, for example, admire the perceived academic prowess and motivation of Asian American students and fail to recognize how even a "positive" stereotype isn't positive if it presses students into molds not built for them individually.
Hear elementary school teacher, Diane Holtam, speak about how she works with other teachers to disabuse stereotypic notions of Asian American students' abilities.

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 : Book about Native American language revival, storytelling, and cultural tradition.

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As an American and native English-speaker myself, I havepreviously been reluctant to suggest this, lest it be taken as a sortof cultural imperialism. But several native speakers of otherlanguages have urged me to point out that English is the workinglanguage of the hacker culture and the Internet, and that you will need to know it to function in the hacker community.

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An intellectual selectivity also slants the collection's writings. The theses requirements of social science graduate programs insured that the history, anthropology and languages of native groups would be examined in detail. Economists rarely ventured into the area, nor sociologists. Occasionally researchers took the opportunity to propose theories about how human society operated or where they thought native people originated, and some of these ideas, rendered quaint by passing time and increased knowledge, appear in the collection. Thus, native groups are generally described in the past tense, the object being to preserve or clarify the record of passing cultures, a thoroughly laudable goal, but one that necessarily ignored more contemporary issues which often had political overtones. At the other end of the spectrum, the reports of Indian commissioners are often highly political documents penned by individuals employed to remove groups to reservations and Americanize them, forcibly if necessary. Their perceptions, while more immediate, reflect the demands of federal bureaucracy and the prevailing national ethos.

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, with links to specific information about each language and its native speakers.
showing the relationships between Amerindian languages.
in various American Indian languages.
including picture dictionaries, parts of the body, and pronunciation guides.
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grouped bycontinent, country, and state or province.
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of Native American information presented for younger readers.
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Founded in 1971, the JACCC is the largest Asian American cultural center of its kind in the U.S

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It is part of the Library of Congress American Memory site, the goal of which is to create digital collections of primary sources relating to the history and cultural development of the United States. To adapt a technical term, it creates a meta-library that gives users access to information scattered around the country simply by typing in a web site address and clicking an icon. Made available are historical photographs recording aspects of native life along the Northwest Coast and on the Plateau east of the Cascade Mountains, selected pages from the Annual Reports of the Indian Commissioner, selected articles from the University of Washington Publications in Anthropology and the Pacific Northwest Quarterly, copies of several treaties with tribes in Washington and Oregon and a series of essays authored specifically for the collection that describe and interpret selected topics.

The sum of attitudes, customs, and beliefs that distinguishes one group of people from another

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Our fascination with the diverse, complex and unique native cultures of the Pacific Northwest is a measure of how satisfying they were to the people who created them. The progress of these ancient cultures was rudely interrupted by contact with the West and the forcible inclusion of their members into the social systems of expanding nation-states. The fact that the inclusion may at times have been directed by a spirit of sincere idealism cannot obscure the reality that it was often cruel and destructive. At the time of the treaties, most Americans assumed the native peoples would vanish like the frontier itself. In most cases, however, neither the people nor their cultures disappeared entirely, and today many are experiencing a revival. This reassertion of identity has led to a salutary change in attitude of many non-Indians who are less likely to perceive native people to be anachronisms, irrelevant or Hollywood stereotypes.