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There are other amazing aspects of Naessens's story. Like Béchamp, Naessens has not just invented a cure for diseases, he has ventured so far out onto the leading edge of science, and his discoveries are so hard to believe that the most common reaction to them by mainstream scientists is "impossible!" For instance, one of his experiments reminded Bird of Dr. Frankenstein's lab. Naessens took a piece of meat, the kind anybody can get straight from a butcher’s shop. He separated out somatids from an culture and injected them into the meat. The meat was then placed in a sealed vessel in a vacuum. Not only will the meat not rot, it will retain its healthy looking color, and even continue to grow, as if it were still part of the cow.

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What does seem to me essential is that society at large should not be overworked, nor over-anxious about the means of subsistence, for which we must look to the grand source of improvement, repression of population, combined with laws or customs of inheritance which shall favour the diffusion of property instead of its accumulation in masses.At this time Mill was working on his and the healing virtues of the stationary state were fresh and vivid in his mind.In his essay on the “State of Society in America” Mill expressed not merely some additional reflections on the American experiment, but also briefly raised questions on how environment determines a nation’s politics, how nations could benefit from one another’s experience through a science of comparative institutions, and how American society was judged by European observers in the doubtful light of their own prejudices, especially hostility to popular rule.

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Hahnemann’s medicines were highly dilute, and the more dilute, the more powerful the apparent healing properties, even when so dilute that not even one molecule remained of the original substance. It might seem like nonsense, but it worked, and there is experimental data to support the notion. The effect and philosophy of homeopathy markedly differs from drug therapy. Homeopathy uses dilute substances to help stimulate the body to heal itself, as a helpful reminder of sorts. Drug therapy, on the other hand, overwhelms the body, taking over its chemistry, manipulating it to “health.” Whereas homeopathy stimulates the body to heal itself and to correct the underlying condition, which is classic feminine medicine, drug therapy reflects masculine principles of warfare and domination, taking over the body’s processes, usually acting by suppressing disease symptoms.

Healthy mind resides in healthy body essay
A healthy mind resides in a healthy body essay; Short essay on ambition in life;

resides in a healthy mind, and a healthy body

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Nov 19, 2008 · A healthy soul, resides in a healthy mind, and a healthy body

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