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When choreographing action in an animation or otherproduction, the precise specification of time and temporalrelationships is important. In everyday life, time is usuallyconsidered to be a continuous axis. In animation, however,because of the ultimate breakdown into frames, the time axis isdiscrete. It is important to keep this in mind when discussingtemporal relationships of events in the animation production.

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To 'animate' is literally 'to give life to'. 'Animating' ismoving something which can't move itself. Animation adds tographics the dimension of time which vastly increases the amountof information which can be transmitted. In order to animatesomething, the animator has to be able to specify, eitherdirectly or indirectly, how the 'thing' is to move through timeand space. The basic problem is to select or design animationtools which are expressive enough for the animator to specifywhat s/he wants to specify while at the same time are powerful orautomatic enough that the animator doesn't have to specify thedetails that s/he is not interested in. Obviously, there is noone tool that is going to be right for every animator, for everyanimation, or even for every scene in a single animation. Theappropriateness of a particular animation tool depends on theeffect desired by the animator. An artistic piece of animationwill probably require different tools that an animation intendedto simulate reality.

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This document surveys computational approaches for producingcomputer animation. It is intended as a text for advancedundergraduates or for graduates. It is also useful for computergraphics programmers who want to learn the basics of computeranimation programming. It does not address production issues inthe actual commercial exercise of producing a finished piece ofanimation. Nor does it address the issue of computer-assistedanimation which primarily deals with multiple 2D planes. Thisdocument concentrates on full 3D computer animation andidentifies the useful algorithms and techniques to move objectsin interesting ways.

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Urge students to use the animations in accordance with their own learning styles. Students who are more visually oriented can watch the animations first and read the text later, while others might prefer to read the explanations first and then view the graphics.

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Computer animation has been around as long as computergraphics. , funded by DARPA, was the early pioneer in computer graphics andproduced many of the well-known names in graphics as well as mostof the important early work in computer graphics. The seminalwork in computer graphics is Donald Sutherland's SketchPadsystem. This system animated line drawings on a screen byenforcing constraints in real-time. This is a form of model-basedanimation and will be discussed further in the chapter that dealswith that topic (Chapter V).