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Baldwin's relationship with his father is very similar to most father-son relationships but the effect of racial discrimination on the lives of both, (the father and the son) makes it distinctive.

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The suffering relationship between father and son is very evident in the story.

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The relationships between father and son in the novel The Chosen by Chaim Potok, the poem "The Gift" by Li-Young Lee, and the short story "Paul's Case" by Willa Cather all show this strong bond.

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Within the novel you bare witness to this very awkward father son relationship, you see how one managed to escape death when it is the only option, and the lasting impact a traumatic experience such as the Holocaust can have on future relationships....

A relevant example is the relationship of a father and son in Homer’s Odyssey.
However, these quite humane and sentimental relationships are no different than those experienced today—those of a father and son....

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The marriage of narration and analysis are especially evident in Baldwin’s essay, “Notes of a Native Son.” As Baldwin describes his father and their relationship until his father’s death, he simultaneously comments about the relationship between white and black America....

Poets use love and relationships in many different ways: husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, mother/father and son/daughter, etc.

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You may also choose a person that you have always had a difficult or complicated relationship with and explore why this is in your essay.

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