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Many researches carried out to study genetic and genomics have shown that it is very helpful not only to the individuals, but also families and the whole world altogether. The study has provided new insight and hope for dealing with genetically carried diseases such as stroke, cancer, diabetes and phenylketonuria (PKU) (Lea, 2008). Such studies have provided a basis for developing personalized treatment for individuals rather than using drugs that might not fit everyone considering every person has different genes, and level of resistance to such drugs is increasing. Many institutions in the United States have endorsed the genetic and genomic healthcare as a better means of providing comprehensive care. However, there are ethical issues raised for the nurses who are charged with providing care for the patients and taking part in the genetic testing as discussed in the paper. It is also evident that genetic information could be misused for other discriminative purposes such as in employment and legislations to protect against such needs to be implemented fast considering that genetic and genomic healthcare is growing rapidly. Nurses should take the first responsibility of ensuring quality care in this evolving department in healthcare for the betterment of global health together with other responsible teams of health provision (American Academy of Nursing, 2009).

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"The ethics essay contest is designed for students to research and analyze ethical issues in today's environment," said Dr. Kathy Hyatt, assistant professor of business. "Students were encouraged to write thought-provoking personal essays or research papers that raise questions, single out issues and are rational arguments for ethical action."

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The nurses are involved in several activities in this field of healthcare that raise concerns, but the value of their work outdoes the ethical issues and genetic and genomic healthcare should be practice, though with adherence to the issues. These activities involve informed decision-making, informed consent and genetic testing, maintaining privacy and confidentiality, and preventing discrimination. These are some of the activities that nurses are involved in during the process of genetic testing, and though they raise ethical concerns, the nurses are well aware of the issues raised and act accordingly to ensure maintenance of ethical practices. The nurses do not engage a patient in the process without their full consent of the underlying implications of the process and their effects to all parties involved. This ensures that patients have full responsibility of choosing to go through genetic and genomic testing without coercion from the nurse, not unless providing recommendations (Lea, 2008).

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World health organization. (2003). . World Health Organization Human Genetics Program Human Genetics Program This is an article from World Health Organization, giving detailed information concerning the ethical issues in genetic and genomic healthcare across the whole world. The article starts with its importance and provides useful information of understanding the whole topic to complete the project with more added information.

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