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As we made our exit of the Chorten, I wondered, what did I gain by visiting the most important Chorten of Thimphu on Buddha Purnima, the day I was born, the day Buddha was born? What did those multitudes of people gain by sitting in meditation for hours together? Mothers,Fathers, Husbands, Wives, domestic helps, Managers, Officers, Monks, Vegetable Vendors, CEOs, Doctors, Electricians, Mountaineers, and everyone else you could think of, were sitting there in the Stupa, in silent contemplation, some with closed eyes, some open eyed, some listening to the prayers, some mumbling their own prayers, some relaxed, some deep in meditation – all with the silent focus of introspection and contemplation on this most important day.

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“Prayer is a state of being, on Buddha Purnima, and always, my son,” I thought.

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As we reached the Memorial Chorten, built by the Queen mother, Phunto Chodem in loving memory of her son, the 3rd King, Druk Gyalpo, I felt my heart race. This was not just the first place I was about to visit in Bhutan, this was also the most important modern Buddhist landmarks in Thimphu, and that too on Buddha Purnima day. The place was crowded as we expected it to be.

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Thimphu woke up to Prayers being broadcast on the loudspeaker. As I lay on my cot in the hotel room and listened, I realized it was the day of Buddha Purnima. Buddha was born, attained enlightenment and passed away to the Higher Realms on this very day. And it was my desire to visit a Buddhist land on this day to see what happened.

This year Buddha Purnima is on Baishak 21, 2072, which is May 14, 2015 in English calendar.
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1. The true purpose of a pilgrimage, is to discover one’s own purity, again and again, bathe in it again and again!
2. The atmosphere the place creates, the aroma of peace which is spread all around, the condition of the mind when it settles down in such a place, naturally lends one create a spiritual routine.
3. Prayer is a state of being, on Buddha Purnima, and always, my son

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