Essay on Personal Narrative: Reflections of a Nursing Student

They replace the 2006 Standards for the preparation of teachers of nursing, midwifery and specialist community public health nursing.These standards outline the requirements for supporting the learning and assessment of students in the practice learning environment.

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Essay on assessment of nursing students

200), “Assessment is the exercise of judgment on the quality of students’ work, as a way of supporting student learning and appraising its outcomes.” The training of the contemporary nurse should focus on both what the Student nurse or student midwife nurse is suppose to be doing as well as how it should be done (Palomba & Banta 2001, p.

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They set out specific outcomes for mentors, practice teachers and teachers.
First published: September 2011
Practice teachers supporting more than one student (health visitor) in practice.
First published: February 2011
Using accreditation of prior learning (APL) in existing pre-registration nursing, specialist community public health nursing programmes, and in other programmes where APL is permitted.
First published: February 2011
Guidance and advice for the accreditation of prior learning (APL) for programmes currently approved under the Standards of proficiency for pre-registration nursing education (2004), the Standards for specialist community public health nursing (2004) and other programmes where APL is permitted.
First published: March 2010
Sign-off mentor criteria.
First published: July 2008
Publication of the updated edition of NMC Standards to support learning and assessment in practice
First published: October 2006
Preceptorship guidelines.

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