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There is not one singular type of citizen that permeates the world or even the United States—an intermingled and enmeshed notion of citizenship is acted out through a combination of rights and duties as the citizen attempts to hold onto those values that are most important to them....

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My first inclinations were that citizenship was related to politics and practicing the rule of law.

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If put into action, it would give illegal immigrants who crossed the border when they were young the chance to become documented citizens of the United States, given they fulfill certain requirements.

The Naturalization Act states that only free white people are eligible for citizenship.
Throughout the passage, the speaker lists facts about the citizen’s life which he believes prove that the deceased was a valuable person.

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My hypothesis suggests that CCE is a continuity of the historical economic-efficiency paradigm centering on the symbiotic discourses of survival, global competitiveness & “communitarian” (Chua, 1995) vision and model of citizens’ character, values and functions.

Global citizens act in the interest of all human beings, respecting all cultures, heritages and nationalities.

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Books that examine personal freedom challenge students to define the rights and responsibilities of individuals within the context of a local community. These questions can be addressed through a critical examination of the lives of fictional characters by inviting students to examine the decisions characters make as citizens in very different communities. One such character is Sofia, an adolescent girl in (Canales, 2005) who wins a scholarship to a prestigious boarding school in another city. Her experiences with her classmates are colored by differences in social class, language, and culture. However, she also feels the pressure from her family and barrio neighbors not to forget the traditions of the Latino community. Her story mirrors the experiences of so many young people in the U.S. who must redefine personal freedom and identity as they move between worlds.

Robert Cormier’s (1986) challenges readers to determine how their personal freedoms hold implications for a school community’s well-being. This novel recounts the experiences of a boy attending a Catholic school who refuses to sell chocolate bars for a fundraiser. With the tacit support of a teacher, he is subjected to bullying in and out of the classroom. This novel raises vital issues about the duty of a society to protect nonconformists, and examines the consequences to an individual who does not receive that support. This novel ends on a dark note, and the use of a school as a microcosm for a larger society is unsettling for some teachers. However, with good reason, this book continues to be one of the most talked-about young adult novels.

“Every war has turning points, and every person, too” (Rosoff, 2004, p. 68). So observes Daisy, the teenage protagonist in Meg Rosoff’s . Set in England sometime in the near future, Daisy watches as the country is invaded and the norms of society are stripped away. She finds herself in a world without adult supervision, and without the guidance of others must make decisions about what is best for herself and the people she cares about. Her struggle to define what she expects of herself can provide students with insights into the responsibilities of personal freedom when it exists at the expense of others.

Fostering active and responsible citizens contributes to the process of developing a healthy and vibrant culture of democratic participation....

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These conceptions each have merits and downfalls, measured in this essay by the extent to which they permit the best use and protection of citizen’s rights....