This increasing issue I am referring to is childhood obesity.

“ Findings from the most recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey indicate that in 1999-2000, the prevalence of obesity among children aged six through eleven years was 15 percent” (Thorpe et al....

Childhood obesity continues to increase every year.

this takes us to the focus of how childhood obesity has become an enormous issue today.

Another factor that influences childhood obesity is heredity....

The reasons for rising obesity among children are more than one but most importantly it is the heavy intake of junk food and minimal mobility. As we can see around us, fast food outlets have expanded at a rapid rate and no matter how much of healthy food they promise to serve, the fact remains that such food is heavy in fat, oil, salt and sugar content and its excessive consumption is much more than unhealthy. It appeals to children’s taste buds and the flashy advertisements attract the children so much so that such junk becomes an addiction.

Childhood obesity has become a major issue facing America.

Combined with the above reason comes the reason of limited exercise or body mobilization. The age of technology has pretty much restricted the children to their bedrooms or couches and internet, laptop, television and mobiles provide all that the children need. The result is they don’t move and all that junk keeps on getting accumulated with no exercise being done to burn in and comes in the obesity!

The main reason for the growing number of obese children is inactivity.

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The Surgeon General reports there are 12.5 million children between toddlers and school age who are obese, a prevalence of 17%, while children at risk for obesity have a prevalence of 16% (General).

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Factors of childhood obesity include children having obese parents; low energy expenditure which is a low amount of physical activity is a factor and too much television which is a cause for low physical activity time.

Essay on Childhood Obesity (Essay Sample ..

According to Patricia Anderson and Kristin Butcher, authors of Childhood Obesity: Trends and Potential Causes, “ By 1999-2002, nearly 15 percent of U.S.

An estimated 1 in 7 children between the ages of 6 to 17 are overweight and/or obese.

Obesity in children is becoming a huge problem in American society.

However, in this day and age overeating and other health habits have given evidence to research that this generation has the highest rates of obesity in children.

Childhood obesity is considered the number one health threat in America.

One cause of childhood obesity is genetics.

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey posted on the Center for Disease Control website there are 12.5 million children from ages 2 through 19 that are obese.

And today over “nine million” (Selicia 4, May) United States children are overweight and obese.

The childhood obesity rate started to increase during the mid- 1970s.

The estimated 9 million overweight children, including 4.5 million obese children, are at risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma, and other pulmonary diseases, high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, stroke, and other chronic illnesses (Weiting 545.) This growing epidemic of overweight and obese chi...