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You should not sound "artificial" as you use formal diction. Instead, consider that different situations require different uses of language and that educated people are able to adapt their use of language to a variety of writing and speaking situations. Educated people have several different writing and speaking voices, and one voice is no more "genuine" than another. Instead, the different voices reflect choices based on the writing or speaking situation. Through your word choice in essays, you can portray yourself as an intelligent person who is aware of your audience--a group of well-educated people whom you do not know. Imagine the kind of language that you might use in a job interview for an important job. With formal diction, you can express yourself clearly, accurately, and effectively, without relying on the kind of language that you might use in less formal situations.

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Rivers then goes on to tell us how his father would point out day laborers to his son, hinting broadly that his son should grow up to work with his mind, not his hands: "'Don't be like them, don't be like me.' . . . He wanted me to grow up to use my mind rather than my hands in work. I have, which was my dad's dream." And from there, Rivers goes on to say that today's workers have become more like microchips than mules, but they are still not valued the way they ought to be. Rivers' conclusion about society is allowed to grow out of his initial personal reflection; it feels personally justified. Click for the entire essay. (Please note, though, that the very short paragraphs are appropriate for newspaper writing, but that academic text would undoubtedly gather many of those small paragraphs into larger units.)

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On the other hand, to avoid any hints of subjective bias or a "this is just little ol' me talking" tone, most academic prose should feel as objective as possible. One easy test of objectivity in writing is the use of the first-person singular. Text in which shows up over and over again will feel weighted with subjectivity, not objectivity. In the personal essay and the letter to Grandma, that is perfectly all right, and a personal essay without 's can feel oddly detached and cold. In objective, academic prose, however, that sense of detachment is often exactly what is called for.

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06/02/2018 · The most important person in my life is someone who is always there for me no matter what the outcome

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Having said this, we should be reminded that even in a largely third-person, objective essay the use of the first-person is not automatically to be despised. can play an important (however cameo) role in the objective essay. One very effective strategy in writing about literature, say, is to briefly chronicle what professional critics and other people (casual readers, friends, classmates, people we make up) have said about a novel; go ahead and set them up with their benighted opinions. And then tell the reader what you think — "I, on the other hand, believe that . . . ." — blowing away the blunderings of predecessors and revealing the best, true way of looking at things, way. In this strategy, owning your opinions and dealing straight from the self, from becomes a position of strength, not weakness. It would be a good idea to discuss this strategy with your instructor, however, before using it.

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Writing objectively also means writing fairly. What you feel about a poem, say, can never actually be wrong. Feelings can, of course, be based on misconceptions, but the feelings themselves are neither right nor wrong. This makes it important to express things as if they were objective findings, not personal feelings, as what happens to some reader (any reader), not what happened to . Another part of objectivity is avoiding evaluation: it is the writer's business to point out something works. In doing so, we imply whether or not it works well. Writing about the Kansas board of education's decision, we probably want either to praise the board members as independent thinkers who refuse to kowtow to the Lords of Technology and Science or to condemn them as dunderheads, but it is better to describe as objectively as possible what has happened and to allow our readers to form their own opinions. (That process can still be shaped by the words we choose or the order in which we describe things. In the paragraph above, for instance, the writer lets the Board have its say, but the last word belongs to science. But that is another matter.)

26/01/2018 · The most important person in my life is someone who is always there for me no matter what the outcome

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for someone important person is father and some mother and so on….if you gonna talk about important person in your life there are gonna be pretty much…but what do we mean when we say that person was important in my life!? that individual was important in what? education?nurturing you?bringing up you as well as usually all parents do? I don't know what to say cause I didn't get the point??? as for me the important thing in my life was life itself…i don't mean that i'm orphan or something…but was brought up to get all I need from is a teacher, master, it points you where to go what to do….. but the persons that I really appreciate love respect and can do every thing for them are my parents…I love them..good bless them and all of you…