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[Note: This essay will be labeled anti-Semitic (it certainly is anti-Zionist). People will not be encouraged to read it—because it is actually based on logical merit and deserves fair consideration (no matter how controversial). Israel and Jews do in fact dominate the media and our government and they will not take kindly to gentile Americans learning about what a lot of them do not really know—the truth of the Zionist movement, and all the deceptive propaganda that has led to the establishment of Israel and the maintaining of their terrorist country. Who then can really feel good about being an American? Amen and goodnight.]

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Italian journalist Sandro Magister draws attention to a December 19th essay in Asia News by Fr. Samir Khalil Samir, SJ, one of the foremost Catholic experts on Islam and author of several books, including 111

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The NKVD supported delation of parents by their own children. Collaborators were praised like heroes, but some of them were forced to cooperation through beatings. In the entire country there were a campaign of public parent renunciations. Children were forced to give public confessions for the mass media and condemn “spies” on meetings. Some teachers forced their pupils to write essays like “What do you (yourself, your father and mother) think about the arrest of Marshals: Tukhachevsky, Blukher, Egorov and others”. After giving such an essay for check, many pupils were deprived of their parents and sent to special orphanage camps.

This essay argues that the Gulag was fixed neither in space nor in time
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