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Also, the fact that rural areas offer organic food, unpolluted air and clean water, or simply said highly qualitative lifestyle, makes the countryside ideal place for raising family. Yes, people here do not have high-paid office jobs, but are occupied with agriculture and farming. And that is sufficient enough as the cost of living is lower. People who live in the countryside have very different views on life. They are not occupied with money-based success. They love raising animals, harvesting their land, and investing in items that will actually improve their life and not make it even more complicated. City residents may not see themselves milking cows, collecting chicken eggs, driving tractors, relocating animals with livestock trailers, etc, but this the countryside lifestyle is healthier. Yes, the countryside has some disadvantages such as undeveloped transportation system, limited employment opportunities, inactive social life, etc., but for people who like piece and physical activity, the countryside is ideal choice. The bottom line is that whichever choice you make, it will solely depend on your preferences and type of lifestyle.

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Compare Living in City and Living in Countryside ..

City life vs country life compare and contrast essay

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Compare and contrast city life and country life essay

Just think about this: Country so powerful, and population so vital and adaptable that abandoning a city and founding another one – a tousand miles away is a snap. Countries like USA or Britain could not pull something like this since the 19th century, and their “Gold Rushes” and “East Indian Companies”! And Russians have such a large and rich country. Maybe somebody here sees a despair and dissolution? I see a strenght of Soviet (now Russian) people, who could actally afford it (it should be a subject for contemplation, especially for you living in industrialized, overpopulated western countries)! And I am not even Russian …

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Compare and contrast essay on city life and country life

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