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At Conn, botany is its own department, distinct from biology. The department has an international reputation in coastal, marine and estuarine studies. You will develop a strong background in all aspects of plant biology.

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Impeccable grades and test scores alone are no longer enough to set students apart from the crowd.

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I’m not sure how many colleges even systematically track those graduate and professional school test results for their graduates. And, again, at small schools like Lawrence, the small numbers in each of the categories might limit the value of the compilations.

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Mr. Syverson of Lawrence: While we would be willing to research and provide such statistics, at colleges as small at Lawrence, some of the numbers you seek would not provide meaningful information. You also need to understand that many schools do not provide class rank, and the differences between high schools are as great among publics and privates as between the two groups. Groups like recruited athletes and children of alumni run the gamut from the top to the bottom of the class statistically, so there too, such statistics might not yield much helpful information.

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Mr. Brenzel of Yale: We neither privilege nor ignore community service. The thing we are looking for outside the classroom is not a series of check boxes on a resume; we’re looking instead for a high level of engagement or leadership in whatever it is that the student cares about most. For some students, community service is at the forefront of their extracurriculars, in which case we pay a lot of attention to what they have accomplished in that area. For other students, some other passion or interest holds primary sway, and we evaluate the engagement in that area. We know that very few students can fully engage more than one or two primary activities at a high level. Though it is fine for a student to have varied interests, a significant number of students make the common mistake of spreading themselves too thinly in a resume-building exercise.

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Mr. Syverson of Lawrence: We seek students who have taken good advantage of their opportunities by following their passions as well as exploring new opportunities. Because of our academic rigor, though, it is important to us that students have challenged themselves academically, which probably means taking advantage of some AP classes if they are available, but does not mean taking every AP class just because it is available.

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On the other hand, we do sometimes receive calls insisting the C or D grade on the high school transcript was because of a learning disability and that we can’t hold that against the student. It will be the performance (and underdeveloped compensation mechanism) not the disability that would work against the student.

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With respect to programs of study, we are less concerned with particular course designations and more concerned simply to see that candidates have embraced and performed well in whatever their schools offer as a most challenging program. At the same time, we are not particularly drawn to one-dimensional students who have made their sole or primary objective in life amassing the largest number of honors or AP courses conceivable, accompanied by multiple efforts to achieve the world’s highest test scores.