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Rhythm - often thought of as a poem’s timing. Rhythm is the juxtaposition of stressed and unstressed beats in a poem, and is often used to give the reader a lens through which to move through the work. (See and )

Denotation - dictionary definition of a word

Foot - grouping of stressed and unstressed syllables used in line or poem

Meter - measure or structuring of rhythm in a poem

This corresponds to a great extent to the situation we have at our school. ESL studentsare immersed in the English language for the whole of the school day and expected to learnmath, science, humanities etc. through the medium of the target language, English.

Plot - the arrangement of ideas and/or incidents that make up a story

Immigrant students who attend local schools find themselves in an immersion situation;for example refugee children from Bosnia attending German schools, or Puerto Ricans inAmerican schools. .

Structure (fiction) - The way that the writer arranges the plot of a story.

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Learning is largely by translation to and from the target language. Grammar rules areto be memorized and long lists of vocabulary learned by heart. There is little or noemphasis placed on developing oral ability. []

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The theory behind this method is that learning a language means acquiring habits. Thereis much practice of dialogues of every situations. New language is first heard andextensively drilled before being seen in its written form. []

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This method sees language as a complex of grammatical rules which are to be learned oneat a time in a set order. So for example the verb "to be" is introduced andpractised before the present continuous tense which uses "to be" as anauxiliary.

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In this method the teaching is done entirely in the target language. The learner is notallowed to use his or her mother tongue. Grammar rules are avoided and there is emphasison good pronunciation. []

We encourage the educational use of the OWL. The  explains the specific permissions granted.

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(This is the predominant method in middle school ESL teaching at Frankfurt International School. The tasks are subsumedin a major topic that is studied for a number of weeks. In the topic of ecology, forexample, students are engaged in a number of tasks culminating in a poster presentation tothe rest of the class. The tasks include reading, searching the internet, listening totaped material, selecting important vocabulary to teach other students etc.)

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Point of View - pertains to who tells the story and how it is told. The point of view of a story can sometimes indirectly establish the author's intentions.