I seemed to have been born reading.

Speaking of making costumes—or what the fans call cosplay—these two guards were pretty cool. Another upside was that a con staffer called David Iverson got me a good audio of my “Welcome to You Cyberpunk Future” talk which I posted as a . The con organizers were nice to me. Many thanks in particular to Daniel (Gundo) and Teresa Gunderson for inviting me, and to Marinda Darnell who helped me settle in and stay afloat.

First of all, she read to us--a lot.

In addition, we are considering development of a line of publications for children and families.

But when he was five years old his mother died.

I propose that we stop trying to explain our mental experiences in terms of invisibly tiny objects arranged in patterns in 3-D space. Instead let us take our actual thoughts and sensations as the truly fundamental entities. Think of a “dimension” as being any possible type of variation, category, or distinction. For each question you might ask about an object, there is a range of possible answers; we take each of these ranges to be an axis in the “space” underlying our perceptions.

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The traditional approach of science has been to explain sensory phenomena, such as color and warmth, in terms of the spacetime patterns of atoms. But who has ever really seen an atom? At best one might see some kind of electron-microscope photograph of a grainy dot. And one’s of seeing such a photograph is in fact a collection of sensory phenomena, involving color, brightness, and so on. Matter may explain our perceptions, but it is our perceptions that tell us about matter.

Lisa holds a Bachelors degree from Wesleyan University and a Masters degree from Harvard University

Such a wonderfully ugly/scary drawing of that man.

No such difficulty arises if we think of spirits as solid and substantial beings, but here of course we have the question of why one doesn’t notice spirits very often if they really are so solid. The answer to this is to assert that the home of spirits is somehow outside our space entirely. How best to have spirits live outside space? One could have them be infinitely far away, but then one would have the problem of how they can get here so rapidly when summoned up by a medium. A much more satisfactory explanation is to say that

Note cover page of Return to the Hollow Earth. Yeah, baby!

What comes to my mind right away is X-Men: The Last Stand. They have a government registry and some of the mutants try to hide themselves. There is the question of whether change can be made by peaceful means (Professor X) or by forceful resistance (Magneto). Perhaps not a perfect match, but the themes are there…

So we lived in the country where he had room for a garden and as many animals as possible.

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The Jones-Avery letter, what Walt Disney really thought about Goofy, the "Censored 11," Borge Ring on Hans Perk, remembering Ollie Johnston, Two Days in the Life: Kansas City, 1922, more on Walt Disney's 1922 want ads, Walt's skeptical supervisor at Kansas City Film Ad, Bob Clampett and Ollie Johnston share a table, the Schulz kidnaping, Nick Cross and The Waif of Persephone.

I can recall in some detail the day we acquired a collie puppy and a young kitten.

Great light out there in the flat red land, heavily yellow sun.

This isn’t a movie but I SO WISH someone would make a film out of “The Westing Game.” You can also try some of Masterpiece Theatre’s Agatha Christie films -- I think Poirot is fantastic, and my own 7-yr-old son likes it (granted, he is autistic, but he loves the mystery).

Although they really frightened me, I don't think I would have wanted to be talked out of them.

Like his, her stories were true accounts of past events.

Thanks for the idea…I should have mentioned that it’s for grade seven -- would it be good for 12-13 year olds?. I haven’t watched this one but I may have to rent it this weekend!