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Some dark path goals are inciting fear in others and recruiting others to their path. They are nourished by fear, in a pathological way. In chapter 8 of Barbara Marciniak's is another perspective of the dark path. It appears that dark path entities that have evolved beyond physical plane realities, such as Genghis Kahn, are helping humanity stay in fear, because fear creates an energy that nourishes them. A humanity in fear, bathed in violence and misery, is something that they thrive on. Humanity has proved a most productive herd for negative emotional "nectar." In a by , in his mind-blowing , he saw those beings that keep humanity in misery because they thrive on it. Those parasitic beings did not create the conditions of human misery - humans largely did that to themselves - but they capitalized on it and furthered it by using deceptive and secret tactics. and his wife echo those themes in Topper's peculiar prose. The theme of dark path beings thriving on fear, even to the point of inducing fear in people, extracting chemicals that fear produces in the human body, then bathing in it, are in Topper's writings. To bring this essay back to "Earth," how does it relate to my work? Self-servers on this planet are in it for themselves. They feel a duty to exploit others. Evil is their business, as they profit from the misery and exploitation of others. This site documents many extremely dark situations, and many people refuse to believe that people will actively and consciously create situations in which others suffer and die. They cannot believe that people could act so "diabolically." Dark path initiates depend on that denial. in .Because the dark path is the study of that which is not, deception and secrecy are their tools, which is largely how the USA’s government operates. In the end, the dark path folks’ greatest victims are themselves, and the most deceived chumps of all are themselves, as they completely misunderstand who and what they are. The greatest deception is self-deception. It takes two to tango, and while dark path beings play their games they actively deceive others, and their greatest victory is not forcing people to do their bidding, but having them freely choose to.Dark path initiates know that few will consciously let themselves be used by dark path practitioners. So, they must deceive people into serving dark path interests instead of their own. That is not an easy trick. Most people are consciously committed to neither path. They worship comfort and merely try surviving. Full bellies, a roof over their heads, and their addictions temporarily sated are primary goals of the vast majority of humanity at this time. Most people can be called "good," because they will try doing the "right" thing if it does not cost them too much, and usually will not spend much effort to hurt others. About half of Americans would return a wallet they found on the ground, provided it did not have too much money in it.

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It is apparently a great sacrifice for every one of us to be here, acting on this stage at this time.The covered those topics in depth. Michael stated that a species destroys its home planet by warfare or environmental destruction a third of time, and completes its incarnation cycle on another planet in a different life form. Of that third, one-third is by warfare, and two-thirds is by environmental destruction. Humanity is today at that juncture where we may kill ourselves off. This is the turning point in our evolution. Michael's vast perspective and dispassionate view of an ensouled species destroying its home planet and simply choosing another one to continue its journey can be unnerving. Michael stated that if we destroy this planet (or make its environment hostile to complex life), those who have contributed the most to its destruction (mainly dark path acolytes) will incarnate on this planet as it is dying and experience the consequences of their activities. That is not because God forces them to, but because the nature of our souls and the incarnation cycle is acting in the world and learning by reaping the results of our actions. We reap what we sow. It is a law of creation that applies from top to bottom. Often we sow in one life and reap in a later one. Michael's perspective can be interpreted as stating that those on the dark path are generally younger souls. Lake's ET perspective stated that plainly. Spiritual teenagers run the world today, seeking "power" over love and even confusing the two. Every soul is divine, and the path of darkness is one of God's gifts. It is a consequence of having "free will," which is something that animals do not have. A rabbit, bear, tree, shark, or dog cannot choose to be "good" or "evil." They are not playing that game.Another way of describing the coming transition is calling it a dimensional shift, as humanity transitions from the third to fourth dimension, which apparently has never been tried before while staying in a body. Robert Shapiro's Zoosh discussed those concepts and length in the and series. In the fourth dimension, people can read each other's thoughts, so the charade of dark path initiates deceiving others is impossible. Consequently, in the fourth dimension one does not find light and dark path initiates sharing the same planet. They each have their own planets, and imagine a planet where everybody is on the dark path and they all know it.Those different schools of thought do not contradict each other, and neither do the teachings of masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, etc. Michael likened the seeming differences in the various mystical philosophies to studying various systems of the body; Jesus's teachings are like studying the circulatory system, Michael's teachings are like studying the endocrine system, Buddha's teachings are like studying the nervous system, the Ra material is like studying the lymphatic system, Jane Roberts's material is like studying the digestive system, the is like studying the skin, Pleiadian teachings are like studying the sensory systems, material is like studying the immune system, Zoosh's material is like studying the skeletal system, and so on. Each is a valid system of study that sees a different facet of reality, and each complements the other. That is what I think I have learned on my journey so far, and I will surely have a somewhat different perspective in 20 years. Nobody need agree with everything (or anything) presented in this essay, but it gives some insight into the perspective that dominates my writings.

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Yet, each person has "heroic" moments. The mother awakening to cries at 2 AM and soothing her child, the father awakening at 5 AM to earn the family's daily bread, and jumping in front of a train to save somebody's life can all be profoundly other-serving activities. But on balance, most people are primarily concerned with caring for themselves.A deeply profound body of mystical literature is the Ra material, which presents an intriguing view of a soul's evolution. In Ra's perspective, ensouled entities on the physical plane mostly fall somewhere between 50% self-serving and 95% self-serving. Ra discussed planetary evolutions and an event known as a "harvest." A harvest happens when an ensouled being masters its physical plane lessons and is "promoted" to the game's next level. Ra did not discuss good or evil, but positive and negative “polarization." Positive polarization is equated with an other-serving mentality, and negative polarization is equated with the self-serving mentality. Ra called it "love of other self" and "love of self." Ra stated that if an ensouled being devotes greater than 50% of its energy to serving others, it is eligible for harvest on the service-to-others path. If an entity devotes greater than 95% of its energy to serving itself, it is eligible to be harvested on the service-to-self (or love of self) path. Both paths require intense dedication. On today's earth, few are eligible for harvest on either path (Ra stated that 20% of the human race may be eligible for harvest today). Ra stated that Genghis Kahn, Rasputin, Hermann Goering, and Heinrich Himmler were all harvestable on the love-of-self path (otherwise called self-serving, negatively polarized, evil, or what I call the dark path).Ra made no judgment regarding the paths and even stated that the two polarities are required so that souls can evolve through this plane. Without the tension that those poles create, there would be no growth. Other planes have other means of growth. Ra also called the path of love-of-other-self the "study of what is," and the path of love-of-self the "study of what is not." Those polarities can also be described as the paths of light and darkness, good and evil, etc. Whereas the path of light is committed to truth and love, the path of darkness is committed to deception and fear. Ra described further dimensions of existence that pursue those paths. It is a fascinating perspective that this essay cannot do justice to. It provides a framework to understand interactions between beings on this plane and beings in others, how humans evolve on the physical plane, and the soul's journey. Others have called the path of serving others the path of service-to-self through service-to-others. Ra said that the dark path leads to a dead end of sorts. The study of "that which is not" is valid, and many valuable lessons are learned along the way. As that path is progressed, higher levels of power and understanding are attained. Along the light path are constantly increasing levels of expansion and integration into creation. Along the dark path there are constantly increasing levels of concentration and withdrawal into one's perceived self. Along the light path there is an eventual reunification with the source of creation, the ultimate coming home. The source of creation is love, and that force created and sustains not only this universe, but also all of creation. Because love is the power of creation, love is the game that humans are learning, because we are learning to be creators at Earth School. There are no spiritual lightweights on the planet at this time. This is an extremely challenging place to be. As the light path leads to a wondrous reunion with the creator, those at the dark path’s highest level also realize that a reunification with The Source is its next step. When a highest-level dark path being attempts that reunification, it gets a rude awakening: the dark path does not lead home. As it is the study of "that which is not," the entire path is ultimately one of illusion and self-deception. As that highest-level dark path entity "knocks on God's door," God’s greeting is approximately: "I am happy that you are here, but I have news for you. You are a being of light, not darkness. You trod your path because I gave you the freedom to choose it. But it was not real, not in the way you might think. I am proud of you, my child, but there is an important lesson that your path has not taught you, and the lesson you must learn before you can come home. You cannot fit in here, as much as I would like you to. You could not stand it. I created you and everybody else. I love you, as I love all my creations. Your path has led you here, but loving yourself, while an important lesson, is only part of the journey. The journey is not complete until you love of creation, as I do. You have racked up quite a tally. You incurred many debts to others as you failed to love them, and only loved what you thought of as yourself. As you failed to love others, you also failed to truly love yourself. You owe yourself a great debt that you can only pay while serving others. I have a deal for you. All the mastery, all the wisdom, all the greatness that you attained on your path, which is indeed impressive, you can exchange for an equivalent status on the path of light. From that exalted rank of light, you will labor long to settle your debts, make right your wrongs, and bring as much light to creation as you earlier brought darkness. I think you will find that loving others is highly rewarding, not only to yourself, but also to others. You have a choice. You can stay where you are, at the dark path's highest level, where you can progress no further, because there is nowhere else to go. Or, you can accept my offer, working magnificently with me, engaging in fabulous work on behalf of creation, and when you have balanced your scales, you can come home, and it will be glorious." The Ra Material is popular and highly regarded. More obscure are two recent books by Gina Lake, channeled by "extraterrestrials." Her themes are similar to Ra's.The dark path is self-serving, and a primary goal is exploiting others. They see others as there to serve their needs. While light path beings live by love, the dark path’s motto is, "Look out for number one." They believe that looking out for themselves is the only valid concern, and they see light path beings as naïve and foolish. Dark pather .

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