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First of all i would like to thank you for the great effort and time you have put into this blog. It really helped me.
Now my question is, i am a bit confused in arranging my ideas, i guess i have good vocabulary, i have a lot of ideas, and i can produce upto 300 words . I have taken IELTS exam twice, at my first attempt i got 6.5, but at my second attempt i got 6. when i took the test for the first time i only knew about 1 type of IELTS question agree and disagree. but after i went through some books i came to know about other forms of IELTS task 2 questions. Other than Cause and solution question. I am very much confused with these question, now i have concluded that they all are the same. Basic concept is agree or disagree because the more i look itno it , more confusing it gets for me.
Please Help.

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Locavores in a Kiddie Wilderness

Discuss both the views and write your opinion.

Following this Freudian spirit, I would here like to turn away from a frontal analysis of gentrification and focus rather on what, at first glance, appears to be a contingent and secondary phenomenological detail of the gentrification process. Let us once again allow Campanella to speak:

Sorry I don’t comment on writing.

Indeed, the entire scene in the new Bywater eateries—from the artisanal food on the menus to the statement art on the walls to the progressive worldview of the patrons—can be picked up and dropped seamlessly into Austin, Burlington, Portland, or Brooklyn.

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Sorry I don’t comment on writing.

You must put your opinion in the introduction. Then you can add it to a body paragraph of the side you agree with or you have put it in a third body paragraph to explain it more fully. Both ways are fine. Don’t forget to re-state it in the conclusion.

i think liz did a very good job. cuz she specify what is “good job”

Thanks Liz. I have another question. Is it alright to delay my opinion and mention it on the third paragraph of the essay? this is about discussing both views and citing your opinion. In developing my paragraph for this type of essay, I usually begin with the side that I contradict to. Then on the third paragraph, I usually write this way: However, I disagree because….. Is that a good structure?

Is the paraphrasing appropriate?

No, it is asking which one is more important. You need to explain if you think the adv are more important than the disadv or the other way round. There are some tips for this type of question on the writing task 2 page.

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Trump’s tax cuts and deregulation are a bonanza for Wall Street.

You use a range of tenses, sentence structures and language for a high score. You don’t aim to use one more than the other. Just use appropriate language which showcases your range and accuracy.

Dear ma’am, please kindly evaluate my essays, i really need some help on it

Let us allow Campanella to describe the process:

Gentrification arrived rather early to New Orleans, a generation before the term was coined. Writers and artists settled in the French Quarter in the 1920s and 1930s, drawn by the appeal of its expatriated Mediterranean atmosphere, not to mention its cheap rent, good food, and abundant alcohol despite Prohibition. Initial restorations of historic structures ensued, although it was not until after World War II that wealthier, educated newcomers began steadily supplanting working-class Sicilian and black Creole natives.

The rise in inequality can be blamed on the shift from managerial to shareholder capitalism.

Three authors engage with the threats to a liberal society.

Hello Liz, My problem is when we provided with a question of “Solution giving” problem (not solution and cause) for writing task 2 should we write only solutions? Can’t we give the causes? I would be thankful if you will address my matter.