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Continues to develop college writing with increased emphasis on critical essays, argumentation, and research, developing these competencies through the examination of a range of texts about the human experience. Requires students to locate, evaluate, integrate, and document sources and effectively edit for style and usage. ENG 112 has been designated as a "writing intensive" course according to standards developed by the English department.

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The means describe the practices required to meet the goals and outcomes.Goal 1: Rhetorical Knowledge and Writing Processes
Students will be writers who have developed an effective writing process guided by the rhetorical elements of audience, purpose, and cultural context.Outcomes for Goal 1:
By the end of the semester, students should demonstrate the ability to:
1) Respond appropriately to different rhetorical situations, varying their approach, format, and structure in recognition of the shifting needs of audience, purpose, and context.
2) Demonstrate familiarity with concepts describing writing processes (invention, drafting, revising, editing) and use them effectively and efficiently in their own writing process.
3) Articulate the rhetorical choices they have made.Goal 2: Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing
Students will understand writing as an art that helps them solve problems analytically, creatively, and rhetorically and as a means of inquiry, thinking, communication, and argumentation.Outcomes for Goal 2:
By the end of the semester, students should demonstrate the ability to:
4) Understand and use rhetorical vocabulary to analyze writing by others and themselves.
5) Integrate their own ideas with those of others.
6) Explore an issue or question raised by another author and respond to it or challenge it in the service of developing their own view.Goal 3: Knowledge of Conventions
Students will be writers who understand the role and use of information.Outcomes for Goal 3:
By the end of the semester, students should demonstrate the ability to:
7) Observe the rules of academic honesty, intellectual property, and citation style(s).
8) Use rhetorically appropriate information from academic and popular sources to corroborate, expand, and alter personal knowledge.Goal 4: Writing in Community
Students will be writers who understand the power and ethical responsibility that come with the production of written discourse.Outcomes for Goal 4:
By the end of the semester, students should demonstrate the ability to:
9) Engage responsibly with topics that have ethical, moral, and cultural meaning.
10) Acknowledge and show respect for different views/opinions in their writing.Means
English 101 instructors help students meet the program goals and outcomes through these means.

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