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As mentioned above, the movie Frankie And Johnny was retitled Red-haired vs Light-haired (Rubia Contra Pelirroja) for showing in Mexico.

To the left we have a Mexican lobby card from 1966.

It was quite common in those years for Movie Companies to change to movietitle to ‘a more appropriate’ title for certain countries. This led to some farfetched and sometimes even ridiculous titles for (most of) Elvis’ movies abroad. Often these new titles had zero to do with the original title. Most (in)famous in this regard are probably the German titles for Elvis’ films.

To the right we have a small report from The Pittsburgh Press (dated June 9, 1968) that confirms Rocky Barra’s claim that Speedway in Hong Kong was retitled to Spring Flowers Are Always Good And The Moon Is Always Round.

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My sincere thanks and respect goes to ROCKY BARRA.

Thanks to GEERT HOF for providing us with this issue of Strictly Elvis.

For a very interesting interview EIN’s NIGEL PATTERSON had with Rocky please go here:

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Hot damn! I still had to learn a lot making cartoons back then!
For those interested: Graceland Randers in Denmark will do an
exhibition of my Elvis & Rock n Roll artwork, starting in late December …

Fantastic work, guys. Thanks for that!
Gerry from Holland! I hadn’t noticed. Congratulations on your exhibition.

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