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While the principle theories-constructive theories distinction firstmade its way into print in 1919, there is considerable evidence thatit played an explicit role in Einstein's thinking much earlier. Norwas it only the relativity and light principles that served Einsteinas constraints in his theorizing. Thus, he explicitly mentions alsothe Boltzmann principle, S = k log W, asanother such:

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In brief, the argument is this. Separability implies that spacelikeseparated systems have associated with them independent real states ofaffairs. A second postulate, locality, implies that the events in oneregion of spacetime cannot physically influence physical reality in aregion of spacetime separated from the first by a spacelikeinterval. Consider now an experiment in which two systems, A and B,interact and separate, subsequent measurements on each correspondingto spacelike separated events. Separability implies that A and B haveseparate real physical states, and locality implies that themeasurement performed on A cannot influence B's real physicalstate. But quantum mechanics ascribes different theoretical states,different wave functions, to B depending upon that parameter that ismeasured on A. Therefore, quantum mechanics ascribes differenttheoretical states to B, when B possesses, in fact, one real physicalstate. Hence quantum mechanics is incomplete.

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The postulate of spatial separability as that which undergirds theontic independence and, hence, individual identities of the systemsthat physics describes was an important part of Einstein's thinkingabout the foundations of physics since at least the time of his veryfirst paper on the quantum hypothesis in 1905 (Einstein 1905a; formore detail on the early history of this idea in Einstein's thinking,see Howard 1990b). But the true significance of the separabilityprinciple emerged most clearly in 1935, when (as hinted in thejust-quoted remark) Einstein made it one of the central premises ofhis argument for the incompleteness of quantum mechanics (see Howard1985 and 1989). It is not so clearly deployed in the published versionof the Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen paper (1935), but Einstein did notwrite that paper and did not like the way the argument appearedthere. Separability is, however, an explicit premise in all ofEinstein's later presentations of the argument for the incompletenessof quantum mechanics, both in correspondence and in print (see Howard1985 for a detailed list of references).

The villas of CAPARRUA are in Cetraro, in the province of Cosenza, in Calabria.

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Einstein does not explicitly commend Schlick's defense ofsimplicity, but he also in no way objects in the course of a longcorrespondence during the late 1910s, wherein he strongly commendsSchlick's general philosophical orientation and carefully records allpoints of disagreement (for more detail, see Howard 1984). Moreoverthe principle underlying Schlick's defense of simplicity, the ideathat it is the non-arbitrary elements of our theories that representthe real, played a deep and enduring role in Einstein's philosophy ofscience.

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There is more than a little autobiography here, for as Einsteinstressed repeatedly in later years, he understood the success of hisown quest for a general theory of relativity as a result of hisseeking the simplest set of field equations satisfying a given set ofconstraints.

More typical, however, is the confident pose he struck three yearslater in “Physics and Reality”:

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Why Einstein did not think himself a realist (he said so explicitly)is discussed below. Why he is not to be understood as a positivistdeserves a word or two of further discussion here, if only because thebelief that he was sympathetic to positivism, at least early in hislife, is so widespread (for a fuller discussion, see Howard 1993).

Why, then, is the belief in Einstein's early sympathy for positivism sowell entrenched?

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The principle of univocalness should not be mistaken for a denial ofthe underdetermination thesis. The latter asserts that a multiplicityof theories can equally well account for a given body of empiricalevidence, perhaps even the infinity of all possible evidence in theextreme, Quinean version of the thesis. The principle of univocalnessasserts (in a somewhat anachronistic formulation) that any one theory,even any one among a set of empirically equivalent theories, shouldprovide a univocal representation of nature by determining for itselfan isomorphic set of models. The unambiguous determination of theorychoice by evidence is not the same thing as the univocal determinationof a class of models by a theory.