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On behalf of Fe y Alegría International Federation we will do everything in our hands to contribute to make a reality the right to a lifelong quality education for everyone, through its daily work in communities, in the dialogue with policy makers, in the design of suggestions and proposals and all of it by the side of the educative community. There is a lot to do yet, but we can make it if we do it together.

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One of the most urgent challenges in 2015, when the world goals for the next 15 years are being designed and agreed, is to guarantee the material means for the compliance of human rights, among them, the right to long-life quality education for everyone as it reflects ODS number 4 “Guarantee an inclusive, equitable, quality education and promote long-life learning opportunities for everyone”.

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In a global context where humanitarian crisis get longer with time at the same time that new armed conflicts arise, refugeed and displaced people numbers increase and are higher than those there used to be after the Second World War. The Jesuit Refugee Service and other jesuit cooperation organizations such as the ones joining the Xavier Net, are engaged in the promotion of the Right to Education in the most vulnerable situations not only for children but also for youngsters and adults.

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We keep analyzing the objectives of the EFA Report, and so much more after such an important week for the right to education in which the World Education Forum in Korea, where the objectives for 2020 have been defined, has been celebrated.
The sixth goal set in Dakar refers to the quality of education and aims to improve all aspects of the quality of education ensuring the highest parameters, in order to get recognized and measurable learning results, especially in literacy, numeracy and basic skills.
Since the conclusion of the Dakar Forum, there have many achievements: in terms of the level of primary education, the student/teacher ratio has decreased in 121 of the 146 countries which available data; the number of national assessments to measure student achievement has also increased; and specific programs of social protection for education of both children and adults have also been developed. However, much remains to be done, as evidenced by the position paper of the Society of Jesus: “The quality of education remains a huge challenge, with ineffective education systems, poorly paid teachers, dilapidated infrastructure, little relevant content to large sections of the population, vertical and transmissionist pedagogical practices, very high dropout levels and millions of students finishing primary school without minimum capabilities to survive in a globalized world “.

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Goal number 5 in EFA Report pointed out already in 2000 directly towards “erasing disparities between genders in primary and secondary school from now to 2005 and achieve before 2015 equality between gender education realted, particularly guarateeing girls a whole equitable access to quality basic education, as well as good performance.” Since the World Education Forum in 2000 in Dakar, Senegal, progresses made towards equity among gender in primary education have been uneven. From the 145 countries on which there were information available, less than half of them, 43% have reached gender equality in primary and secondary enrollment, or it is likely be achieved in 2015. Just a little bit more than one fourth part, the 27% is likely to achieve equality in primary education, but not in secondary school. Among the achievements, we must highlight three; disparities are decreasing between gender in secondary school. Now, out of 133 countries, there are 19 countries, above all in the Occidental and Meridional Asia, with less than 90 scholarized girls for every 100 boys compared to 30 countries there were in 1999. If we speak in legislative terms, in 40 of the 59 states members that responded it is strictly referenced in their bills and educative laws to guarantee the right to education to women. Efforts made show, above all, in women training to be teachers, that has increased in , for example, Nepal, 19% the promotion internationally of many relevant activists for the education of girls and national subsidies programmes in many countries have also helped focus in increasing the number of girls who enroll in schools.

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is a civil society movement working to end the global education crisis and its mission is to increase through aware rising actions towards the commitments that the world leaders agreed in 2000 to guarantee Education for All by 2015, including commitments to get every child in school, and to improve adult literacy by 50%. As governments prepare to make this new set of promises, it is critical that civil society holds politicians accountable for the progress and failings of the last 15 years, demands that these promises are honoured, and has a say in what is being promised to make the right to education a reality by 2030.