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Belief in God is to believe that our father is there with us all the time, but going to the God only whenever you are in a problem is not the belief in God. Do we go to our father or mother only when we are in problem or messed up in any issue; the answer is no we go to our parents regularly to be happy, to feel safe, to share our views and in return they give us the right suggestion and advice to get the things on more good levels. Similarly we should do with our God, he will look after us in all the situations and will intimate us on our any wrong steps with any intuition in us, just like our parents stops us when we do something wrong.

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ARGUMENT FROM POPULARITY(1) If you don't believe in God you're a geek.

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So great is our fear of life and death that most of us allow hope to override our intellect.When Peter Stanford interviewed the Rugby League champion, Shawn Edwards, about his Catholic beliefs, Shawn spoke of the death of his younger brother, Billy Joe, which posed for the family the question: "Why do bad things happen to good people?"He said: "My mum is very close to God, I often think the closer you get to God, the greater the tricks the devil plays on you.

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How do you expect me to believe in God, asked Woody Allen, 'when only last week I got my tongue caught in the roller of my electric typewriter?' For a while now, at least in the Western world, the existence of any form of pain, suffering or evil has been regarded as evidence for the non-existence of God. If a good God existed, people say, these things wouldn't. But they do and, therefore, He doesn't.

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I think that everything happens for a reason. Life is a set of situations that you many times can’t understand. I believe in God but I Think that He shows me the way and we decide about what is correct direction. Many times you can choose bad or good shape for to do different things. Is very important to think before of do because a lot of things where you take decision can affect others. I don’t believe in destiny but I agree that exist someone that have no a bad plan for us but is true that God put us evidence or different experiences for see our faith. Destiny is a common way that we say but are our decisions those that form our life, whether good or bad.

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I must make an apology to you at this point. We who believe in God have not always made this position plain. Often enough we have talked with you about facts and sound reasons as though we agreed with you on what these really are. In our arguments for the existence of God we have frequently assumed that you and we together have an area of knowledge on which we agree. But we really do not grant that you see any fact in any dimension of life truly. We really think you have colored glasses on your nose when you talk about chickens and cows, as well as when you talk about the life hereafter. We should have told you this more plainly than we did. But we were really a little ashamed of what would appear to you as a very odd or extreme position. We were so anxious not to offend you that we offended our own God. But we dare no longer present our God to you as smaller or less exacting than He really is. He wants to be presented as the All-Conditioner, as the emplacement on which even those who deny Him must stand.

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The point is this. Not believing in God, we have seen , you do not think yourself to be God's creature. And not believing in God you do not think the universe has been created by God. That is to say, you think of yourself and the world as just being there. Now if you actually are God's creature, then your present attitude is very unfair to Him. In that case it is even an insult to Him. And having insulted God, His displeasure rests upon you. God and you are not on "speaking terms." And you have very good reasons for trying to prove that He does not exist. If He does exist, He will punish you for your disregard of Him. You are therefore wearing colored glasses. And this determines everything you say about the facts and reasons for not believing in Him. You have had your picnics and hunting parties there without asking His permission. You have taken the grapes of God's vineyard without paying Him any rent and you have insulted His representatives who asked you for it.