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A one-day, four-hour workshop, designed to help parents address problems and promote reduction of the negative effects of divorce. The workshop will address:

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There have been studies that show that divorce has a negative effect on children.

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The children who succeed after divorce, have parents who can communicate effectively and work together as parents. Actually, children's psychological reactions to their parents' divorce vary in degree dependent on three factors: (1) the quality of their relationship with each of their parents before the separation, (2) the intensity and duration of the parental conflict, and (3) the parents' ability to focus on the needs of children in their divorce. Older studies showed boys had greater social and academic adjustment problems than girls.

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In the last few years, higher-quality research which has allowed the "meta-analysis" of previously published research, has shown the negative effects of divorce on children have been greatly exaggerated.

Judith Wallerstein has studied 25 years of the effects of a divorce on 26 children.

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They see the parents as engaged in an intimate relationship.H. BLAME AND GUILT Because so much marital conflict may be related to the stress of parenting, children often feel responsible for their parents' divorce--they feel that somehow their behavior contributed to it.

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In those instances, the turbulence of the divorce phase (how adversarial a battle it is), has been shown to play a crucial role in creating unhealthy reactions in affected teenagers. Joan Kelly, PhD, former president of the Academy of Family Mediators and prominent divorce researcher from California reports that, depending on the strength of the parent-child bond at the time of divorce, the parent-child relationship diminishes over time for children who see their fathers less than 35% of the time.

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What follows are some typical experiences and signs of stress in children of different ages.I. INFANTS AND TODDLERS: A. Regression in terms of sleeping, toilet training or eating; slowing down in the mastery of new skills
B. Sleep disturbances (difficulty gong to sleep; frequent waking)
C. Difficulty leaving parent; clinginess
D. General crankiness, temper tantrums, crying.II. THREE TO FIVE YEARS: A. Regression: returning to security blankets and discarded toys, lapses in toilet training, thumb sucking
B. Immature grasp of what has happened; bewildered; making up fantasy stories
C. Blaming themselves and feeling guilty
D. Bedtime anxiety; fitful/fretful sleep; frequent waking
E. Fear of being abandoned by both parents; clinginess
F. Greater irritability, aggression, temper tantrums.III. SIX TO EIGHT YEARS: A. Pervasive sadness; feeling abandoned and rejected
B. Crying and sobbing
C. Afraid of their worst fears coming true
D. Reconciliation fantasies
E. Loyalty conflicts; feeling physically torn apart
F. Problems with impulse control; disorganized behavior.IV. NINE TO TWELVE YEARS: A. Able to see family disruption clearly; try to bring order to situation
B. Fear of loneliness
C. Intense anger at the parent they blame for causing the divorce
D. Physical complaints; headaches and stomach aches
E. May become overactive to avoid thinking about the divorce
F. Feel ashamed of what's happening in their family; feel they are different from other children.V. ADOLESCENTS: A. Fear of being isolated and lonely
B. Experience parents as leaving them; feel parents are not available to them
C. Feel hurried to achieve independence
D. Feel in competition with parents
E. Worry about their own future loves and marriage; preoccupied with the survival of relationships
F. Discomfort with a parent's dating and sexuality
G. Chronic fatigue; difficulty concentrating
H. Mourn the loss of the family of their childhood.

Children with depression and conduct disorders showed indications of those problems predivorce because there was parental conflict predivorce.

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Most parents agree that a divorce of a family has a negative effect on children and stepfamilies are harder on a child's development than living in a nuclear family.

Something must be done now to decrease the poverty and its negative effects on children created by divorce....

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According to research, after the initial blow of divorce which leads to feelings of shock, disbelief, anger or anxiety, children recover rapidly. These effects are short-lived and, with a few exceptions, disappear after the second year. Also, children from divorced parents don’t usually show negative signs in adolescence or teenage in matters concerning self-confidence, academic achievement or social relationships. It is better that children are aware of any parental-discord before the divorce so that it doesn’t come as a rude shock and they adjust with it easily.


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There is a wealth of information, including help books, internet articles, and helpful friends and family, on the effects of divorce on children. It can be a very trying process for a child, and for the family unit as a whole, to go through a divorce. As each family’s situation is different, the ways of coping and maintaining specific family values in tact will vary greatly. However, there are some similarities in each situation, particularly when it comes to the legal system.