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(By successful, I mean that you feel you've improved the poem as a result--and probably others feel that too.)

This point is tricky, since there's a temptation to show off by giving your critics the work you're most proud of.

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He haspublished six collections of poetry, The Man in theMiddle, Falling Deeply into America, AboutDistance, Years Later, So I WillTill the Ground, and most recently, Dear Gravity, all withCarnegie-Mellon University Press.

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​With Stephen Ross, he is at work on the first full-length translation and critical edition of Mikhl Likht's Yiddish modernist long poem, Protsesiyes (Processions).

A critic should help the poet distance himself from his poem and view it from a variety of viewpoints.
Some trivial points: Bring a poem that will be accessible in the time allotted and not deprive the others of time to get their poems critiqued.

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She is working on a book of criticismfocusing on the post-1945 long poem, lyric, and gender, and has published essays on Alice Notley, Gwendolyn Brooks, poetry and pop culture, and othertopics in modern and contemporary poetics.

Online poetry and critical essays can be found on such sites asNarrativity, Duration Press, How2, and Web Conjunctions.

the limitations of mainstream poetry

Her essays and poetry have appeared in The Nation,Ecopoetics, NYFA Current, Conjunctions, The Poker, HOW(2), Critiphoria,The Denver Quarterly, and other journals.

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