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Punishment and Discipline in children Summary: Punishment and discipline differ in a couple of ways

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The paper will also state the alternatives and disadvantages as a discipline tool for children why corporal punishment may not be the best method of punishment for children.

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A proposed voluntary contract for those quirky religious communes that live in their own little world separate from everybody else. There are guidelines for the use of corporal punishment (see under "Right to Moderation and Common Sense in the Administration of Discipline").

These systems include corporal punishment, psychological abuse or neglect, and assertive discipline.
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1. For an horrific list of offenses for which school children in South Africa have been physically punished, see T.L. Holdstock, "Violence in Schools: Discipline," in Brian McKendrick and Wilma Hoffmann (eds.), People and Violence in South Africa (Cape Town: Oxford University Press, 1990), pp. 348, 349. There is extensive record of the kinds of offenses for which children in American schools have been subject to physical punishment. See, for example, Adah Maurer, "It Does Happen Here," in Irwin Hyman and James Wise (eds.), Corporal Punishment in American Education (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1979).

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He postulates, “To approach every disciplinary decision with the thought that it may prove permanently injurious to your child's wellbeing or your own self-worth is to invite madness into your house.” Ridiculing parents who condemn ever physically punishing children, Foran espouses that a slap on the face when a child misbehaves displays severe implausibility of traumatizing that child or labeling the parent as a child abuser; in addition, he finds the notion of never using corporal punishment preposterous and a sure way not...

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