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The rise and fall of Rome is an iconic example of the trajectories of preindustrial civilizations. Only so much surplus can be skimmed from economic systems based on the energy of wood, food, and muscle power. I wanted to cover some civilizations in detail to make the pattern clear, and will largely only survey other preindustrial civilizations, as the dynamics were similar, but with some important variations.

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1. They provide a cushion against unexpected financialdisasters.

During the urbanization of the High Middle Ages, and even with the spread of watermills, Europe’s workforce was still about 80% devoted to farming. The productivity of industrialized agriculture led to the great decline in agricultural workers. By 1800, less than 40% of the English workforce was involved in agriculture. As late as 1870, more than 70% of the USA’s workforce was still engaged in agriculture, and that figure .

3. They are a staging area to bigger forms of wealth--likehouses.

Few would argue that industrialized peoples live in the best of all possible worlds, but industrialization triggered those changes, and few would say that they did not benefit humanity. In very real terms, an , as it provided choices either previously unimaginable or unavailable to non-elites. All non-industrialized peoples long to enjoy the benefits of industrialization. The only pristine industrialization was the UK’s, which influenced other nations’ industrialization experiences. After World War II, Europe lost its empires. Imperialism was partly replaced by that the USA largely imposed, and its intentions were made , but once the imperial masters were gone, all newly freed nations embarked on industrialization if they could. The key constraints were access to hydrocarbon fuels and the ability to exploit them.

2. They gather interest (pitiful as interest rates are rightnow, it'sbetter than 0%).

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On numerous fronts, humanity is staring into the abyss, primarily due to our energy practices. The USA's and may be seen by future historians, if there are any, as the , as humanity fights over Earth's last remaining high-EROI energy resources. One of Einstein’s was, “I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Maybe some of us survive that holocaust and the . Maybe we will avoid fighting over hydrocarbons, but the oceans will rise as climate changes more dramatically and billions are displaced. That will trigger global famine and a different kind of World War III, as nations fight over food (and maybe water), not oil. can drive people to drink and worse. Humanity stands on the chasm’s edge today, and hardly any people know or care, as their immediate self-interest marks the limit of their awareness. It has always been this way, when people are just trying to survive and deaden the pain of their existences. The intense denial reactions that Brian encountered when he played the were standard.

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Municipal bonds aren’t like U.S. government bonds ina couple of veryinteresting ways:

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4. so everyone and his brother bought the stocks, and drovethem totruly insane levels.

3. The ability to forsee the future.

The FE to manifest in the public arena and become used by all of humanity, and quickly. If FE does not manifest, of those visions are feasible, as FE will necessarily form their foundation, just as humanity’s energy practices have defined epoch of the human past. Abundant, harmless energy production has never been experienced on Earth before, other than in the GCs’ enclaves, and none of the so-called energy solutions proposed by various parties, from Peak Oilers to environmentalists, have any chance of being both clean and abundant. The “solutions” that they propose are all , which . So-called environmentalists nearly universally treat FE and abundance as the , and I initially could not believe what I was seeing. When I later traded notes with fellow travelers, I discovered that to be the , going back to the 1970s. After many years of looking for various groups to ally with, I had to reluctantly conclude that none exist. There is no group on Earth today, outside of the small FE cottage industry, which gives FE any credence at all, as those groups all do the GCs’ work for them, unwittingly or not. The greatest triumph of the GCs is making FE and a healed humanity and planet , and humanity has readily acquiesced to the conditioning as we .