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But what if you're neither a jokester nor a happy recipient of jokes? What if you like your novels to be Super Serious? Well, Shmooper, you're still in luck. Because this book is way more than just (probably) a huge joke at the reader's expense. It's also a sharp satire about sex, Jacobian plays, the Mafia, the postal service, American history, and drugs. This novel is, in short, one of the best explorations of America during the 1960s counterculture. Ever.

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But hey—after reading The Crying of Lot 49, we're up for any challenge you throw our way.

(Really. Go read it for yourself. You’ll see exactly what I mean.)

[Oedipa] did gather that there were two distinct kinds of this entropy. One having to do with heat-engines, the other to do with communication. The equation for one, back in the ‘3o’s, had looked very like the equation for the other. It was a coincidence. The two fields were entirely unconnected, except at one point: Maxwell’s Demon. As the Demon sat and sorted his molecules into hot and cold, the system was said to lose entropy. But somehow the loss was offset by the information the Demon gained about what molecules were where.

Congress, State Legislatures, and the Future of Legislative Studies

This jump to deciding that this unknown figure can answer all her questions doesn’t really make sense. There’s no evidence that he is even related to anything as he is a stranger and “may be from Tristero,” yet Oedipa is swept along, much like the tropes in the narrative, along one inexplicable wave.

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John C. Charles argues that these fictions have been overlooked because they deviate from two critical suppositions: that black literature is always about black life and that when it represents whiteness, it must attack white supremacy. The authors are, however, quite sympathetic in the treatment of their white protagonists, which Charles contends should be read not as a failure of racial pride but instead as a strategy for claiming creative freedom, expansive moral authority, and critical agency.

TEFL: A Refugee Camp for Losers | An Essay on Idiots

is the first book to examine the postwar African American white-life novel—novels with white protagonists written by African Americans. These fascinating works have been understudied despite having been written by such defining figures in the tradition as Richard Wright, Zora Neale Hurston, James Baldwin, Ann Petry, and Chester Himes, as well as lesser known but formerly best-selling authors Willard Motley and Frank Yerby.

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SparkNotes: The Crying of Lot 49: Context

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is determined at once as an artistic situation and that which conditions it—primarily, that interplay of communications technologies and new forms of spatial relations that constitute the cultural and political medium of economic processes of globalization […]. Such a condition is historical, but it functions transcendentally from the standpoint of interpretation, as a condition of certain (unpredictable possibilities that are embedded within, and come constructively to express, a particular historical actuality

The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas PynchonHarper Perennial, originally published in 1966192 pages –

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