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As illustrated, death has captured a reader’s attention to show that it might mean something different from what is already known. Although she was grieved by her husband’s death, she was happier that she was going to be free. In fact, she was so happy that she died when she realized that it was all a dream. The author feels that although death is a tragedy in itself, it can bring a mixture of sorrow and happiness to a particular individual depending on what the one who died meant to the bereaved.

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When in her room, the words “Free! Free! Free!” (Chopin 4) escape her lips. Although she does this in a holding back manner, she seems to be happy that she is finally free from a life that was belittling and oppressing. To her, her husband’s death meant that she was free from obeying another person’s rules, free from a name that did not originally belong to her (Mallard), commitment that she had made some time back (marriage) and free from living with a person that she did not fully love. It is not until later, that we know that her first name is Louis. Her last name became so part of her that she almost forget her real identity. After the death of her husband, in her room, she is referred to by her first name. This symbolizes that she is slowly trying to get back her first identity that she abandoned when she got married. The sense of freedom and independence is slowly settling in (Chopin, Edmund & Per 365).

Chopin, Kate, Edmund Wilson & Per Seyersted. . New York, NY: LSU Press, 2006. Print.

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