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Maria Tudela Bermudez’s journey as a photographer, carving out a niche in creating artistic photography. Maria’s images are captivating and haunting and leaves you speechless when they’re coupled with her musical selection. We highly recommend you check out her work.


My characters are always anonymous, never showing a face. Thereby intended to approach the viewer, catch it, immerse it in that story, give participant and protagonist. A torso, a figure without identity, or a silhouette that moves away until lost may suggest, transmit, transfer or recall a concrete lived or live moment. In my stories I did not show everything, just insinuated, the rest is left to the viewer’s imagination.

Some dare to say that there are many types of photography as photographers. For me it is clear, the split into two groups, one which faithfully represents reality, and the other which doesn’t represent but nor away from it. Which has a clear goal and a specific message, or your message is abstract and even ambiguous, scattering variability of human beings. But both the technical or scientific photography, as it allows us to develop our artistic side must aim to cause, no matter the kind of feeling that cause.


Provoking emotions… My photos are imperfect. Attempting to raise that photography can be created without the need to follow photographic rules, leverage the tools that today gives us to increase our editing and creating naive photography, not just make it.

Sandwiched between black and white, every day I learn something new about photography, and yet still have the feeling of not knowing anything.

I thank the opportunity Photography Blogger offered me to show and publicize my work.



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