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Coron Travel Guide for First Timers

Your Ultimate Coron Travel Guide

Dive enthusiasts all over the world are sure to have Coron in their sights, if only to get a glimpse of the sunken Japanese warships off Coron Island. Even without these historic artifacts, the entire province of Palawan and Coron Island is surrounded by startlingly white beaches, and crystal blue waters with an abundance of corals and wildlife.

Coron Budget Travel Guide

You can check out Kayangan and Barracuda lakes if snorkeling is more to your taste. This Coron travel guide will tell you how to make the most of your trip.

Relaxing under rocky outcrop on Banol Beach, Coron islands, Philippines

A bit of history

Back in the day, manganese mining and blast fishing was fast ruining the beauty of the area. Coron Island, at least, got a reprieve when the indigenous Tagbanua people were given a Certificate of Ancestral Domain Claim in 1998. This gave them the right to dictate what to do with the natural resources, and to limit the entry of settlers and other outsiders into their domain. Today, tourism is the top industry in Coron, thanks mainly to the efforts of the local government to protect and maintain the ecology of the area.

Calauit Island

How to get there

Coron is located off the shores of Northern Palawan, and half of Busuanga Island, which is surrounded by the South China Sea and Sulu Sea.  This Coron travel guide details the most popular routes.

From Manila or Cebu by air

Skyjet, Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific have flights to Coron from Manila. Cebu Pacific flies from Cebu to Coron on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. All flights land at Francisco B. Reyes Airport (formerly Busuanga Airport). You can take a van from the airport to Coron Town (PhP150 per person).

Flights to Coron Palawan

From Manila by sea

2Go Travel offers trips from Manila to Coron twice a week (Tuesday and Friday). Departure time is 1:30 PM from Pier 4 Manila North Harbour and arrives the next day in Coron Pier at 4:30 AM (15 hours). The Standard fare is PhP2,144 (includes meals, insurance and linen). If you want a cabin, the promo fare is PhP1,417.86, but you have to share it with three other people. Trips from Coron to Manila are slightly cheaper, and leave every Friday and Sunday from Coron Pier at 4:30 PM.

From Puerto Princesa

2Go Travel has trips from Puerto Princesa to Coron twice a week (Saturday and Wednesday). It leaves Puerto Princesa Pier at 11:59 PM and arrives at Coron Pier at 3:00 PM (8 hours). The return trip is every Saturday and Wednesday, leaving Coron Pier at 9 PM.  Fare is PhP 1,349.01 either way (includes meals, insurance and linen). *rates may change without prior notice

Very Clean and Clear Kayangan Lake next to a wooden path

Getting around

There are no taxis, but there are tricycles, buses and jeeps, so you will have no trouble getting around. You can also rent a motorcycle if you want (PhP600 for 24 hours).

Tricycles are the most convenient way to get around Coron town. The fare is PhP10 per person, but if you go to the port it is PhP20. You can also take a jeepney from Lualhati Park to different parts of Busuanga (fare is variable).

You can get maps from the Coron Galeri. However, public transport is not very comfortable; you may want to join a group tour. If you are a large group, a van might be a better option. The typical day rate (including driver and gasoline) is about PhP5,000, good for 15 people

Maquinit Hot Springs

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