Common Mistakes That Will Kill Your College Essay

So what makes one unlikable on their college application? Bragging. Boasting about achievements, comparing yourself favorably to other students in your class, selling yourself — as in why you should be admitted — in your essays…that’s all quite bad. Or maybe it’s in a teacher’s letter of recommendation. Maybe a teacher wrote about how you care more about your grades than learning for learning’s sake. That doesn’t exactly make you likable. Indeed, it can be the kiss of death at every highly selective college — and this is no exaggeration.

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4 Most Common College Application Essay Mistakes

The Most Common Mistakes Students Make in Their College Essays

Do college admissions committees really read the application essays you write? Of course, they do. We’ve interviewed admissions officials from four colleges and universities, and they’ve provided us with a list of the common mistakes they see in essays. Use their insight to avoid making these mistakes on your own essay.

College Application Essay Mistakes

If you’re interested in crafting outstanding college applications in which you don’t brag, in which you present yourself as utterly likable, in which you demonstrate clear and unequivocal interest in a given institution, and in which you come across as a singularly focused, talented applicant, contact us today to set up a to discuss Ivy Coach’s service offerings. And if you have a question about the 3 common mistakes on college applications that we presented today, let us know what’s clouding your thinking by posting it below. We’ll be sure to write back.

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