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Brazil agency Africa has released “Testament”, a print advertising campaign for UNESCO raising awareness of the lost lives of child soldiers. Photographs by journalist Steve McCurry featuring real child soldiers in Afghanistan, India and Central African Republic are at the centre of each ad, with digital illustration and photographic textures used to support the written testaments of each child. Each story explores the recruitment, the degradation and the rescue of the child. “War kills children. Help us put child soldiers back to school”.

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Unicef does not have current estimates of the total number of child soldiers around the world and in Africa. A breakdown will only be available once research is completed next year.

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Accurate figures pertaining to child soldiers around the world are difficult to come by. A child protection specialist at Unicef, Ibrahim Sesay, told Africa Check that a lack of access to territories under the control of armed groups and the difficulty of determining the age of children who do not have birth certificates hampers research.

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Beah is heading the fight to publicize the plight of child soldiers in Africa

of children soldiers are found in Great Lakes Region in Africa

Mozambique by the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers in Africa.

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