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I learned that public innovators are pragmatic idealists, people who thrive on change and are impelled by a strong sense of urgency, yet are rarely satisfied with minor or incremental changes. At bottom, their work is impelled by an animating sense of public purpose and moral responsibility. Change and renewal in the community is meaningless, they insist, unless it is rooted in some deeper and more fundamental change in the human condition. For this reason, their work focuses not just on making change in the community — important as that may be — but on the deeper work of elevating and transforming people.

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The problem, therefore, is not change; it is change for the sake of change and changing what has been proven to work well — artistically, economically, morally, and in every other non-scientific (medical, technological, etc.) area of life.

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My hope for the city was challenged. I wasn't even sure I wanted to be here. I mean, it just shakes your whole foundation when something like that happens. I had to pray hard about it. I was really confused. I said, "I can't be authentic in this state that I'm in, because I don't know if I even believe in the possibility of change." But I got to really thinking about it. I realized there are so many things that can come out of even his death. This was a story that we can talk about and say, "This has got to stop." And now, after having gone through it, I really do believe that. And now I've got to work for that, for his sake and for his legacy. I've got to do this now. I've got to do this work. This has got to be a better community, and we can do it. We've got to do it. I've got to do it because of him. He was a martyr, so to speak, for this change that must happen.

Violence for the sake of destruction is meaningless and brings no change…
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To be lasting, deep change must not only be made amidst organizational layers, butwithin each of the players themselves. Deep personal change can be uncomfortable, yet the needfor each member of an organization to become empowered, and internally driven is essential forsuccess in this era of change and evolvement. Quinn cautions that if players are not willing orable to make these deep personal changes, then"slow death" is the alternative. Slow death, "ameaningless and frustrating experience enmeshed in fear, anger, and helplessness, while movingsurely toward what is most feared" is the consequence of resistance to change. Burnout canoccur if this resistance to change persists, resulting in loss of employment or even destruction ofthe organization as a whole.

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When asked to describe themselves, the innovators often used words like "determined," "passionate," "tenacious," and even "driven." Yet they were also insistent that the value of their work could not be measured in terms of their achievements — impressive as they may be in some cases. What defines their work is a quality of engagement, caring, and commitment that expresses itself as much in their daily interactions with people as in the larger changes they are able to create in the community. The work, they said, is done for its own sake. The means and the ends as inextricably bound.

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