All of this started with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Those post-war attitudes had a major bearing on the establishment of Israel. Jews had their Promised Land tradition, which went back millennia. Before the Holocaust, there was a marked difference of opinion in the Jewish population about having a Jewish state, which is a concept known as Zionism. After the Holocaust, the need for a Jewish state was obvious to all surviving Jews, and Israel was founded. Unfortunately, their Promised Land became more of a refuge from a world that hated them. If not for the Christian/European hatred of Jews, today's would probably not exist. Jews established a state right on top of Arabs that had lived there, in relative harmony with Jews, for thousands of years. Jews did not enjoy peace and plenty throughout the Islamic world, Jewish/Islamic relations deteriorated over the centuries, and the situation in Northern Africa was quite bad, with periodic massacres. There were anti-Jewish riots in the 1940s in Islamic nations, which killed about a thousand Jews. Yet, Palestinians who had lived in Palestine for two millennia suddenly were expelled by the creation of a Jewish state right on top of them. The establishment of Israel was a crime, no matter if the United Nations was behind it. To Jewish credit, many have debated the establishment of a Jewish state. The issue of state versus human rights has been at the center of Jewish life since the first Jewish kingdom.

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This was the date of the Japanese attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Causes and Effects of the Attack on Pearl Harbor

However, the idea that the bombing of Hiroshima was a revenge attack by the US, because of the attack on Pearl Harbor has been argued for many years....

Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor: causes and consequences

Ambassador to Japan, wired Washingtonthat he had learned information that Japan, in the event of trouble with theU.S., was planning a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

clear dislike in the expansion of Japan caused the Japanese to see Pearl Harbor as a threat....

Problems with the Mini-Submarine at Pearl Harbor Theory

Japanese forces brutally impaired the American naval fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor and caused unimaginable horror for both the citizens of Hawaii and the United States as a whole.

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The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, affected the United States greatly and also changed the course of events that followed in America's history....

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If the USA, Britain, France, Russia were not so busy with Hitler, it is likely that Japan would not have expanded its Chinese war to a rapid and easy conquest of the European colonies in the entire South East Asia, and would not attack the US in the Phillipines and Pearl Harbor, and that even if it had, its success would have been significantly smaller and shorter.

Pearl Harbor was being attacked by the Imperial Navy, that was based out of Japan.

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By over-looking the facts of an attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt was able to control both the political and economic systems of the United States....

Most studies of the, pearl Harbor attack focus on what American commanders and.

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Pearl Harbor is often regarded by many American’s as a ‘surprise’ attack that was gratuitous, while historical documents from principal figures on both the Japanese side and the side of the U.S, but there has been evidence and research to the contrary.

Another claim at the heart of the Pearl Harbor surprise- attack lore is that.

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The following is the result of a discussion about the possibility ofa mini-submarine attack on the battleships at Pearl Harbor as describedin "," published in the December 1999 issue of .