How does a window minimise air leakage?

Heat loss is quantified as a u-value and is measured in kW loss per m2 of window area per year, the lower the u-value the more efficient your windows will be. Here is a brief history of u-values over the decades an how u-values have improved:

The maximum and minimum sizes for uPVC sash windows are as follows:

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White uPVC Windows and Doors: £3000

3) Solar gain is the measure of how much of the sun’s natural heat energy is allowed to enter your home, therefore allowing your home to gain free heat energy, thus reducing the need for additional heat sources during daytime hours.

Light Oak / Mahogany / Rosewood uPVC Windows and Doors: £3660

These factors are tested by the BFRC (British Fenestration Ratings Council) and a window is allocated a window energy rating which is an indication of how efficient the window’s performance is when used with a particular glazing specification. uPVC windows are rated from G up to A+ rating; A+ being the highest performing windows and G being the least energy efficient.

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The energy efficiency of conservatories is massively influenced by the conservatory roof glass specification. At AWM we recommend installing a self-cleaning glass with a u-value of no more than 1.2. This enables the conservatory to be used in all seasons by minimising the solar gain in Summer and minimising heat loss in the Winter.

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Self-cleaning glass also improves the aesthetics of conservatories as well as allowing more light to pass through the roof and into the conservatory. To arrange to view one of our recently completed conservatories in Doncaster please call us or visit our website.

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Conservatory roof glass comes in many different specifications. At AWM we recommend both Pilkington Activ’ self-cleaning glass and Saint-Gobain Bio-Clean glass. Self-cleaning glass has an active layer that is able to break down the organic dirt such as tree sap. When the conservatory experiences rainfall the rain is then able to wash away the inorganic dirt that is left as the roof glass has a non-stick layer.

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However, with a conservatory orangery you are relying on the longevity of the entire structure, it is only the base will not require any future attention or maintenance. These orangery style conservatories do cost much less to purchase but may need to be replaced in 25-35 years.

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GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), aka fiberglass, doors are quickly becoming the most popular form of replacement residential front door in the UK. Over the past ten years composite doors have slowly become more popular; now in their third generation composite doors are not only stylish but highly energy efficient and secure.

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Energy efficient low-e glass is able to reflect heat waves as it contains metal layers that block the long wave heat energy from both entering and leaving the conservatory. There are many types of low-e glass technology, soft coat glass technology is able to perform better than hard coat glass technology, therefore it is recommended to install soft coat low-e glass in conservatories in Doncaster.