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Tip 9: Defend it with conviction. The scope of the career vision you can offer in writing will vary depending on the program—with some schools it can be very brief indeed. Yet all schools will ask about your career plans at the interview stage, which means being prepared to present and defend it. Interviewers will quickly sense whether your plans for the future are carefully considered, or whether they seems to have been cooked up for the purposes of the admissions process. It’s pointless to have a brilliant career plan on paper if you can’t bring it to life with conviction and confidence in a conversation about your future. Be ready to share your thought process for getting here, and how embarking on an MBA is essential to opening the door to the skills and opportunities that will help you achieve personal fulfillment and professional success.

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First, big plans suggest great things to come. Your ability to express a logical and motivating career vision signals your commitment to the journey, even if the destination changes en route. And admissions officers are aware your plans may evolve. After all, getting an MBA should be a life-changing experience; it will inevitably present new opportunities and possibilities.

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Creating and conveying a career vision is an elemental part of your MBA application. It’s about portraying a clear picture of where you’ve been, where you are headed, and why an MBA is essential for getting you there. B-schools are looking for students who are poised to get the most value from their MBA experience by going on to great things in the future.

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Ah, "Career Vision" versus "Career Goals." Every MBA's worst nightmare. Is there a difference between a goal and a vision? Kind of yes, and kind of no.

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Tip 5: Articulate a logical, inspiring vision. You must demonstrate there’s a logical flow to your plan—that an MBA will allow you to take an important step towards the future you want. Offer a path that makes sense to admissions committee members, given your professional and academic credentials, showing the transferable skills that you will bring to the next steps in your career development. Given what you will learn in business school, how can you best achieve your goals entering the job market and advancing in your field? You need to show, either as a career switcher or a career enhancer, that your strategy is viable. And also that now is the right time. Consider scaffolding your internship plans. If you’re a career changer, this could be an great opportunity to get a head start on building your network and gaining a deeper understanding about a new functional area or sector.

MBA Career Goals Essay Sample – MBA Prep School Future Career Plans Essay - Anti Essays. Ending the essay with a career vision statement can be powerful.

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Think of this as a two-pronged approach: A powerful career vision for an MBA articulates what it will bring you, and also what you will bring to it. This requires making a compelling case that the MBA is a catalyst for you to realize your dreams. It also means showing what you will contribute to the school community, its alumni, and, more broadly, the world you will be entering after graduation. It’s an opportunity to share the ideas that you can contribute and share, as well as the connections and insights you bring.

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Tip 1: Get introspective. Why do you want an MBA? What do your goals, short- and long-term, convey on a both a professional and personal level? It’s this kind of reflection that not only helps make the case to the admissions team, but can also clarify for yourself why this next phase of your life is important. Step back to consider your values, strengths, career interests and life ambitions. Ultimately, your particular motivation and future aspirations become the lens and filter for honing a vision for the future and the map for how to get there. Many candidates concede that their engagement with the admissions process inspired greater insight and self-awareness—a validating and unexpected benefit to working through their applications.