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In 1959 Caird returned to Oxford and the Congregationalist stronghold of Mansfield College, where he was first Senior Tutor (under John Marsh) and later Principal (1970–1977). Because he was non-Church of England, and because Mansfield was still a and had not yet achieved status as a constituent College of the University (see ) during this period (1969–1977), Caird was barred from holding an official university lectureship. However, as a compensation he was granted the honorary position of in Biblical Studies, a status somewhere between Senior Lecturer and Professor. And whenever he lectured on the New Testament at Mansfield, students from all over the university came and filled the large lecture hall to capacity (Kaye 1995, pp. 245–247, 286). According to Henry Chadwick, "He lectured as he preached, almost always without a note . . . with nothing before him but a Greek New Testament, usually upside down, for he knew the text by heart" (Chadwick, 1987, p. xviii). In 1975-1976 Caird took on almost full-time administration, serving as Moderator of the , and during his tenure he visited South Africa. His work in the fields of Old and New Testament (he remains one of the few modern biblical interpreters to have held chairs in both) led to four honorary doctorates (including the Oxford D.D.), election to the (and the granting of its Burkitt Medal for Biblical Studies), and appointment to be the and Professorial Fellow at (Barr 1985, p. 494). But acceptance of the Dean Ireland's post was not automatic for Caird, according to Mansfield College historian Elaine Kaye. "Although he had been allowed to hold his honorary University post as Reader along with the Principalship of Mansfield, the University was not prepared to allow him to hold this more senior post jointly with Mansfield. It was at once a blow and an honour for the College. For Caird it may have been a difficult decision; but his final choice indicates that the opportunity to spend the remaining years of his career as a scholar and a teacher, rather than an administrator-cum-teacher, was to him, welcome" (Kaye 1995, p. 286).

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Caird was a complex figure, which makes any attempt to reduce his life and work into a short survey hazardous. However, taking into account the concerns expressed here, certain things may confidently be said of him - most principally that he was a scholar's scholar, and yet one who was (paradoxically) never a pure academic who enjoyed the sequestered safety of his study. His pastoral temperament was frequently at the fore, and for him it required that he do the double duty of preacher-scholar. "To know George you had to hear him preach, for here became apparent one of the great strengths of his life. It was clearly the same man who conducted advanced seminars and helped graduate students to see through the complexities of their work. Many of those who went to his lectures remarked not only on the vigorous academic discipline they were invited to share, but on the direct relationship they were encouraged to see between honest probing and the preaching of the Gospel" (Donald Sykes, quoted in Hurst and Wright 1987, p. vii). "He understood the task of the exegete to be not only the discernment of the author's original intention but also the elucidation and proclamation of the Gospel of God. Just as he could hardly endure sermons without intellectual content, so his lectures were truly evangelical" (Chadwick 1994, p. xxi).

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Caird's writings often stress the integration of theology and politics. Long before it was in vogue, he felt the urgency of including politics in any responsible theological dialogue. This is identifiable early on in Principalities and Powers; there, he repeatedly urged, the unusual phrase meant for Paul his unique take on the political, social, economic and religious power structures of this world (Caird 1956, passim). And, as in his work on the historical Jesus, the importance of political concerns in Christianity remains central in his taking on of such varied topics as the modern Christian attitude to war ("War and the Christian"), the status of women in society ("Paul and Women's Liberty"), and . With regard to the last, his addresses to the South African (during his tenure in 1975-1976 as Moderator of the ) were later distilled and published as South Africa: Reflections on a Visit. A clarion call for the modern Christian Church's renunciation of racism, it demonstrated that for Caird the gospel, while profoundly religious, is not uniquely religious; it penetrates to all areas of personal and collective human activity (Hurst 1998, p. 461). His work as a humanitarian and churchman is perhaps best reflected in Our Dialogue with Rome: The and After, which his close friend called "a memorable little book" that attempts to bring some order out of the morass of - dialogue, "with its unexpected moments of sudden joy and usually more numerous tears" (Chadwick 1987, p. xviii ).

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Caird's career-long preoccupation with the , known from his commentary on The Gospel of St. Luke and showcased at the end of New Testament Theology, is also reflected in his shorter works Jesus and the Jewish Nation and "Eschatology and Politics: Some Misconceptions," among others. Jesus and the Jewish Nation was one of the groundbreaking works that facilitated a new phase in the study of the subject, according to , whose book Jesus and the Victory of God is built much on foundations laid by Caird (Wright 1996, passim; cf. also 1998, passim, and 1999, pp. 10–13, passim). As with other New Testament specialists who had a strong classical training, Caird was baffled by the skepticism with which gospel commentators and others who write on the Jesus of history have traditionally looked upon their historical sources. Consequently his work has a refreshing lack of negative presuppositions (Chadwick 1987, p. xx; Barr 1985, p. 505; Hurst 1998, p. 461). As with his teacher , he was adamant that the gospels were reliable witnesses not only to the theology of the early church but to the theology of Jesus himself (Caird 1994, pp. 345–408; Barr 1985, pp. 504–506). His claim in particular that Jesus’s friction with the Pharisees reflected a legitimate, contemporary, first-century Palestinian debate about “what it means for the nation of Israel to be the holy people of God in a world overrun by gentiles,” and that this is profoundly "political," is fundamental to his work on Jesus (Hurst 1998, p. 461; Wright 1996, passim; Borg 1998, passim).

Mona Caird Marriage Essay

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Sorley MacLean saw the influences of George Davie and J B Caird upon him as complementary. Of George Davie, he wrote that he ‘had a tremendous knowledge of all things in Scotland, and he was fundamentally interested in ideas and his range was immense’. In his essay, ‘Sorley MacLean: a Personal View’ (Sorley MacLean. Critical Essays), J B Caird gives a detailed description of these early meetings, and the substance of their discussions.

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