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Firstly, this sentence has no significance in IELTS writing task 2 ” In this essay, both sides of this debate will be analyzed before a reasoned conclusion is drawn.”. The examiner knows what you plan to do because IELTS gave you the instructions. Please watch my video about how to write a proper introduction for IELTS – see my writing task 2 video lessons.
Secondly, the instructions ask you to discuss and also give your opinion. Where is your opinion? It is equally important as the discussion. Please see my model discussion essay.
Thirdly, please watch my video about linking devices to start your conclusion.
All in all, you write well but your IELTS skills need work.

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In today’s world, more and more students are opting for studying in a university. The completion of university education is an important milestone for them. While many believe that the sole purpose of university education is to increase job prospects for graduates, others are of the opinion that individuals and societies benefit in broader ways from it. In this essay, both sides of this debate will be analyzed before a reasoned conclusion is drawn.
On the one hand, most people think that studying in a university increases a student’s chances of securing better jobs. As an illustration, almost all educational institutions have placement committees that schedule campus interviews and invite the top organizations to visit their colleges and select students for job placements in their companies. Such hiring of graduates improves their future career prospects. Thus, it is understandable why this point of view has garnered support.
On the other hand, there are individuals who believe that university education has other advantages. For instance, almost all students have to live away from home, in a college hostel, to complete their course in a university. This develops independence, confidence and socialism in the students. As a result, they grow up to be more mature human beings. In addition, university programmes improves the intellect of students and countries can prosper from the contribution such graduates can make to the society. Therefore, it is clear why some people support this point of view.
The above discussion puts forth several convincing arguments for both sides of the debate. However, after analyzing these two points of view, it is unambiguous that university education is a precursor to a better job and a fulfilling career. It is therefore expected that more and more students complete university to enhance their job opportunities.

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The instructions ask you to discuss both sides and give your opinion. That means those instructions should be contained from the start to finish of your essay. You put your opinion in the introduction, body paragraph and conclusion – the same with the discussion.
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Modernity has meant that culture has been politicised. Claiming that one nationalism is cultural and another political (or ethnic and civic, or Eastern or Western) refutes this unmistakable link. I am not disputing that the nation-states we know today formed in different ways – this is not the thesis – different routes do and did exist unique to each community. What I am stressing is that nationalism is the same sport on both sides of the fence – the civic and the ethnic, the political and the cultural, are all components of this game and not exclusive to any particular side, regardless of how the game originally emerged. Certainly, as we are witnessing towards the end of this century, some nationalisms concentrate more heavily on some components than others – but without all the components together .

or whatever be the case, will go free because the police are working both sides of the fence.

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