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Many, such as I were entertained at first with the pint size Barbie dolls; however after watching a couple episodes, controlling stage moms and toddler melt downs reveal that glitz beauty pageants are nothing less than objectification and exploitation of young girls....

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Beauty pageants are unnecessary activities that possess a unique history....

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I went to a dinner party at a friends home last weekend, and met her five year old daughter for the first time. Ttle Maya was all curly brown hair, doe like dark. beauty pageants debate essay topics

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Barnum started parading girls in his well-known circus
In 1921, an Atlantic City hotel owner began using beauty pageants as a market tool to boost tourism
Over time, more modernized pageants were established around the world, like Ms America
Due to overwhelming response, age divisions were established, which lead to child beauty pageants
Research Question
Should children be encouraged to participate in beauty pageants?
Thesis Statement
No, children should not be encouraged to participate in beauty pageants as young children are not ready to bear with the physical, emotional and mental stress that comes with it
Argument 1 : Build false confidence levels
Opposing idea
Child's confidence levels can be boosted as they are performing in front large crowds
Parent, Phyllis Jones wanted to give her 9 year old daughter, Meaghan some exposure to public speaking as she was a shy young child
Child is building false confidence levels on stage
coated with layers of make-up, fake tans
pressured by attention-starved mothers to look like perfect "dolls"
put on skimpy costumes and act out age inappropriate actions forced by their coaches or mothers
4 year old Maddy with fake C cups & padded bottom
2 year old Mia with Madonna's cone-bra bodysuit
6 year old in tiny top & short shorts
leads to eating disorders
unhappiness brought by body image issues leads to depression & anxiety
Domino effect
high importance placed on physical perfection
Argument 2 : A waste of money
Opposing idea
national pageants hands out up to $75000 in cash & prizes
get a chance to win prizes : cash
Money spent on the preparation is often more than the prizes
spray tans
fake teeth
hair products
coaching fees
pageant registration fees
one-time wear constumes
puts young girls at risk for adult body dissatisfaction
for the child's education
to go on family vacations where the child can learn and experience new things
The money should instead be saved
Improve rules of child beauty pageants
skimpy costumes, excessive make-up, wigs and fake tans should be completely banned
If authorities fail in doing so, government should ban child beauty pageants
wastes money

builds false confidence
a chance to win prizes
builds confidence
affects child development
Children should NOT be encouraged to participate in child beauty pageants
3 year old Paisley in Julia Robert's costume

Beauty pageants teach young girls bad lessons and causes them to grow up too fast.
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Cruise Pageant (2017 Date TBA)
Miss Intercontinental Pageant – Apply to represent Florida Apply now for the 2017 Miss
Intercontinental USA. Do you have what it takes to represent our country? Open to women ages 18 years old and under 27. If there is no State contest, contact the National Office to discuss how
to represent your state. Miss Intercontinental United States is a conventional Beauty Pageant Organization that educates, inspires with style, service and success. Pageant participants from all walks of life and diverse background of the United States are welcome to join in this opportunity to make dreams come true. This pageant promotes women of intelligence, women of integrity, women with strong moral values, and women with inner beauty. We give each contestant a platform to display her culture, talents, values, and responsibilities.
Ages: teen, college, Miss

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July 12-15, 2018
2018 U.S. United Pageant National Finals – Atlanta, Georgia
Open to Florida and all states. National Pageant open to contestants ages 4-17 years from all states. Girls will compete in Interview, Fun Fashion, and Evening Gown. Optional events are Talent (90 seconds) Photogenic, Peoples Choice, and U.S. United Hostess. The mission of the U.S. United Pageant is to promote health, fitness and inner beauty among women and children of all ethnic groups and to produce positive role models; to develop women who will promote self-confidence, self-worth, moral, academic and social support for our youth; and to recognize women who have obtained personal and professional achievements. We have 7 divisions.
Ages: children, preteen, teen
Type: natural pageant

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Marie is one of many children who are forced by over-demanding parents who pressure their young and innocent children into many beauty pageants each year, and its wrong.