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Like in America, Jew’s owned most of the slave ship’s, which were manned by Jew’s(hence why in roots they wouldn’t set sail on the Sabbath, Saturday) and atheists. A good many atheists involved in the slave trade, converted to Christianity, because of the guilt of the evil they had witnessed or done. Christian plantation owners may of bought slaves, but they generally had nothing to do with the transport of slaves(ironically, Christian plantation owners treated Black pagan slaves, better then they treated fellow White Christian’s indentured into servitude to them, as not even 50% of White Christian indentured servants survived their bondage).

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Bad Manners are an English two-tone and ska band led by frontman Buster Bloodvessel

and kindness is the essence of good manners

Don’t confuse anti-Semitism with hatred of Jews. People such as myself aren’t anti-Semitic even though we hate Jews. We hate Jews because they act like Jews: lying, cheating, stealing narcissists who seek to use the network of their religion for self-aggrandizement and promotion of their network of like-minded Jews. The epitome of the lying, stealing, cheating narcissists are the many vile examples of Jews in the US government such as Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump who use their power and influence to support Israel instead of the US. I have nothing against your religion but I certainly have a lot of anger and hate against many members of your religion for their activities outside the religious sphere. You’re as bad in that regard as fundamentalist Christians and Muslims. The world would be a better place if all three groups were exterminated like the rats you emulate.

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*****Approximately three years after Nathan and Alyza Lewin filed the Bryan v. Moore amicus curiae brief — a notable event in itself — another notable event took place. A kosher dinner was held to honor the establishment of the National Institute for Judaic Law (NIJL). The dinner was attended by 200 people, including Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Stephen Breyer, Antonin Scalia. Nathan and Alyza Lewin also attended.

Manners are described as good or bad to indicate whether or not a behavior is socially acceptable
5/05/2014 · This is a first of a kind app where we have used Animation to teach Good Manners for Kids in an interesting and entertaining way.

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Such people could not be said to have good manners because their whole behavior is just pretence. Well it does not take long for others to discover his bad manners.

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