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However, Australia’s specific response is also due to two other factors. First, in Australia, humanitarian responses to displacement rely on compassion. In Australia, the only Western democracy without a charter or bill of rights, rights-based discourses are comparatively weak. Second, refugee resettlement is still based on the idea that refugees are invited to settle in Australia because they will make a valuable contribution to society. The idea that refugees are selected not according to their need but according to Australian requirements is therefore comparatively uncontroversial. After the terrorist attacks in Paris, with heightened public anxiety about the security risks of refugees, most Australians are comfortable with the idea that it is not in Australia’s interest to speed up the selection of refugees for resettlement. As soon as the public response to displacement is no longer tempered by compassion, it is guided by egotism: by the perceived national interest and by self-interest.

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Seven months after the publication of the Alan Kurdi images and Australia’s announcement that it would resettle an extra 12,000 refugees, public interest in Australia’s response to the refugee crisis in the Middle East has waned. There are hardly any traces of the wave of compassion that seemed to have engulfed Australia in early September 2015. That is in the nature of a sentiment as fickle as compassion. Here, the Australian case has not been exceptional: Canadians’ compassion did not outlast the compassionate response of Australians.

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Although Alan Kurdi’s image had triggered outpourings of sympathy for Syrian refugees, he would not have been offered resettlement by Australia, had he survived the capsizing of the dinghy and landed on Kos. That is because his family would have left a place of temporary refuge in Turkey and tried to reach Europe with the help of people smugglers. In September 2015, Australia’s generosity was extended only to Syrians and Iraqis who had fled their country but not gone any further than neighboring Jordan, Lebanon, or Turkey. The incongruity of Australia’s response to refugees from Syria and Iraq was hardly noticed. On the one hand, there were those who were eligible for resettlement. On the other, there were those who had fled first to neighboring countries, and then journeyed to countries that could offer them permanent protection, such as Sweden, Germany—or Australia. According to the ABC’s 7.30 Report, Australia offered to resettle an additional 12,000 refugees from the conflicts in Syria and Iraq while, at the same time, kept 17 asylum seekers from Syria in detention, including two children on Nauru.

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In more recent years, however, the comparative size of Australia’s humanitarian program has declined in relation both to the country’s overall migrant intake and to Australia’s population. Two exceptions aside, one of which I discuss below, for many years Australia’s resettlement target has stood at 13,750 per annum, including asylum seekers granted a protection visa in Australia. Despite this positive history of refugee policy, Australia has recently introduced an extraterritorial processing and detention regime for asylum seekers arriving by boat, and has turned around boats carrying people seeking to engage the country's protection obligations. Australia has even refused to resettle people who have been found to be refugees according to the criteria of Article 1 of the U.N. 1951 Refugee Convention after having been processed in one of Australia’s offshore detention centers in Nauru and on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea. In the past three years, extraterritorial processing and detention has been supported by both major political parties, the Liberal Party (which, together with the conservative National Party, is currently in government), and the Australian Labor Party, which was in government until late 2013.

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