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The USA has a tradition of civilian control of the military, and the CIA was a civilian organization, although military intelligence wanted it to be a military organization. The CIA being a civilian organization has been a double-edged sword for America and the world. On one hand, an unbridled military can lead to dictatorships rather easily. On the other hand, the military hierarchy was nearly united in its opinion to . For all its great failings and dubious justification, the American military had a code of honor, of which one aspect was only killing enemy soldiers (sometimes even adhered to!), and another was that there was no honor in defeating a weak enemy. If the military had been in charge of the war effort, the atomic bombs likely would not have been dropped on Japan. The civilian leadership wanted to drop the bombs, and their opinion directed the military action. Having civilians in charge of the military can be bloodier than having soldiers running the government.

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Alperovitz noted that Truman and his advisors did not choose to drop the atom bombs out of:

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Fussell was injured during a bombing attack in France. While no hero, huddling beneath a hail of bombs going off overhead, shrapnel from a bomb hit him. A sergeant lying next to him was also hit. Fussell was lucky and was only hit in the back and leg. The sergeant and lieutenant lying next to him died immediately. Fussell went behind the lines to a military hospital while recovering and developed the standard crush on his nurse. Fussell recovered and returned to his unit after the fighting in Europe was finished. His unit was surprised to see him, and surprisingly, his welcome was hostile. Fussell could not understand why he warranted such a reception from his fellow soldiers. It puzzled him for many years. In the 1990s, he obtained a document that made the unfriendly treatment by his fellow soldiers understandable. The sergeant that died next to him, huddled atop that German bunker as the bombs exploded overhead, was given a posthumous award of the Silver Star. The citation stated that the sergeant nearly pulled an Audie Murphy, heroically took over command when the platoon's leader was wounded, led his men against heavy enemy fire, engaged the enemy single-handedly, and while mortally wounded sent his commander a message regarding the enemy's location.

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Morgan (1910 - 1993), explained how the atomic bomb affected the skin and hair of the Japanese survivors and the various plants and animals that were exposed in the Bikini blast.

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The revisionism soon began, by the officials themselves, as they tried to attribute humanitarian motivation to unleashing history's most destructive weapons. In 1947, , in , in the face of criticisms from people such as Albert Einstein. In reality, Stimson's name was attached to a federal effort to defend dropping those atom bombs. An article in on August 19, 1946, titled, "Einstein Deplores Use of Atom Bomb", stated:

Here is a sampling of opinion by men who were obviously not revisionist scholars, and what they thought of dropping the atomic bombs.

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FILE - In this May 26, 2016, file photo, people gather around the gutted Atomic Bomb Dome at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, southwestern Japan. Japan, despite Hiroshima and Nagasaki and it’s “never again” to use of nuclear weapons, j

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