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At The Art Institutes, financial aid is available to those who qualify. We’re here to help you understand what you need to know to fund your creative education. We want you to succeed, so we offer a number of financial aid options to assist you in meeting your financial needs.

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The Art Institute of Tampa, a branch of Miami International University of Art & Design, has partnered with Adopt-a-Classroom to donate money for art supplies in four local high schools.

I couldn't be more pleased with the result.

Saturday morning for High School juniors and seniors has never been more engaging or inspiring. Take a course, develop a portfolio which can be used to request proficiency credit* toward a degree at an Art Institutes school, which can save time and money. Invite friends and family to a closing Showcase.

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What matters most to the argument I am going to make?

* Students who successfully complete a course will receive a certificate of completion. College Bound courses are non-credit bearing and do not transfer into our academic program offerings or the offerings of any other institution. However as part of the course you will have the opportunity to develop a portfolio that you are able to request proficiency credit. Proficiency credit is awarded based on the proficiency credit policy defined in an institution’s academic catalog. The cost of the College Bound courses varies between $325 and $350. This cost is waived for any student that has an application and completed essay on file with the school. Check with the school you are interested in attending for exceptions and details, as not all programs are offered at all locations. Individual location participation is subject to change. Online College Bound courses are not available to residents of the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Oregon.

Overall, what’s more important—the similarities or the differences?

The exercise has the added benefit of becoming an in-class exam review much more effective than having an instructor re-teach material already taught in class. The exercise is almost completely led and directed by the students themselves. Furthermore, the instructor could decide to expand the exercise by introducing and starting it in one class, but conducting the presentations in a later class meeting. In this way the presentations could be more formal, and it would meet the goal of having students work together outside of the classroom if this were a particular goal of an instructor.

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Credentials and experience levels vary by faculty and instructors.

Hi Liz,
Thanks for your post am writing my academic Ielts next week and i require 7 in each band but am really struggling with reading especially True , false not given answers. and multiple choice questions. i am aslow reader . what can i do to improve.

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Year of production, country/location/culture

Miami fashion student Lien Nguyen earned a $1,000 scholarship for creating the award-winning design at Bloomingdale’s Top 10 Countries design exhibit.

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Formal elements such as line, color, composition

Each step of this activity encourages an active approach to the material learned in class and to the processes of both preparing for and taking an exam successfully. By completing this activity early in the course, the hope is that students will be more aware before their first exam of the kind of information and level of thinking they will be expected to exhibit in their essay answers, and will also give them practice with how to consolidate and organize discrete bits of information and the larger, more abstract concepts they are expected to learn, into a well-crafted exam essay.