Army Corps of Engineers’ hopper dredge ..

Fuel shortages and empty store shelves are a potential reality Alaskans will not have to face thanks to the work of 45 crewmembers aboard the Essayons, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-owned and operated hopper dredge.

Army Corps of Engineers Dredge Tauracavor 3 in New York Harbor.

Army Corps of Engineers’ hopper dredge Essayons ..

Army Corps of Engineers Dredge Tauracavor 3 in New York ..

Another of the major responsibilities of the Army Corps of Engineers is administering the permitting program under Section 404 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972. (aka "The "). This Act authorized the Secretary of the Army to issue permits for the discharge of dredged and fill material in waters of the United States, including adjacent wetlands. The geographic extent of waters of the United States subject to Section 404 permits fall under a broader definition and include tributaries to navigable waters and adjacent wetlands. The Corps must first determine if the waters at the project site are jurisdictional and subject to the requirements of the Section 404 permitting program. Once jurisdiction has been established, permit review and authorization follows a sequence process that encourages avoidance of impacts, followed by minimizing impacts and, finally, requiring mitigation for unavoidable impacts to the aquatic environment. This sequence is described in the Section 404(b)(1) guidelines.

army corps of engineers dredge essayons

The ongoing fight over dredging the Cuyahoga River’s shipping channel could be moot according the Army Corps of Engineers. The Corps, which is mandated with keeping the channel open, says the annual dredging may not be needed this year. The Army Corps has been fighting the river dredging in federal court, saying it can’t afford to put the sediment in on-shore containment facilities, and instead wants to dump the material into Lake Erie.

The hopper dredge WHEELER is operated by the New Orleans District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It is the largest hopper dredge in the Corps of Engineers.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans to conduct Grays Harbor maintenance dredging in the outer harbor utilizing the Corps’ hopper dredge Essayons on April 25.

Dredges Essayons and Yaquina in dry dock together

Army Corps of Engineers' dredge Essayons has begun annual maintenance dredging at the mouth of the Columbia River

through the operation of two Corps-owned hopper dredges, Essayons …


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