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This is a unique reference contrasting positions on key issues, controversies, and debates stimulated by evidence-based practice in the context of psychology and psychotherapy. This reference provides a range of contrasting perspectives and position papers on nine key questions. This book focuses primarily on issues pertaining to evidence-based practices, especially psychotherapy, rather than the process of evidence-based practice.

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Staff of ASHA embarked upon the new idea of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) in 2005.

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1. This essay should be formatted as a scholarly paper. Be sure to begin with a short introductory section to present the overall topic and purpose of the essay, how you will address it, and why it is important to be able to assess a research study.
2. A guideline to assessing quantitative and qualitative articles will provide you with guiding questions to consider as you evaluate the article you have chosen. You can access the guidelines from the electronic learning system. It is important that you critically and systematically appraise all aspects of the chosen article.
3. Based on the article you appraised, consider both the strengths and weaknesses of the article, and discuss the recommendations that could be made in terms of implementing evidence-based clinical practice (EBP).
4. Students are strongly advised to use the Marking Guide as a guide when writing the essay.
5. This essay should be approximately ± 10% of 1800 words, 1.5/double spaced, 1” margins, 12 point font, with 15 scholarly references and using APA referencing. The format follows the research process

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Soydan, Haluk, and Lawrence A. Palinkas. 2014. Evidence-based practice in social work: Development of a new professional culture. New York: Routledge.

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One commonly used approach is that of the critically appraised topic (CAT) . This was designed to be a one page summary of the evidence related to a particular clinical question. This established method would appear to be a reasonable starting point for developing a clinically based approach to examining the evidence in emergency medicine. Unfortunately problems have been identified. CATs work best when based on papers that stand up to rigorous critical appraisal. In emergency medicine the evidence that does exist is frequently not of high quality, and consequently the critical appraisal process would tend to discard many papers because of either methodological flaws or poor design. The experience of the critical appraisal journal club 3 was that an absolute requirement for high quality evidence meant that large numbers of clinical questions in emergency medicine could not be answered at all. It became apparent during the searches that evidence of lower quality was available, and that this could be assimilated to give the best available answer at the present time.

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Best Evidence Topic reports contain the best evidence that can be practically obtained by busy practising clinicians and should be used to inform best practice. They can be disseminated around members of journal clubs, training schemes and can be published in peer reviewed journals or web sites. It is hoped that BETs will demonstrate both the strengths and the weaknesses of the evidence base on which the practice of emergency medicine is based.

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Evidence based medicine is not about dismissing all evidence that has not been gained by randomised trials and meta-analyses . Some types of question are not best answered by these approaches and appropriate evidence needs to be found for these. Furthermore for many questions in emergency medicine there is no appropriate research that stands up to rigorous critical appraisal. Best evidence topic reports are designed to find the best evidence that exists to answer a particular question. If high level evidence does exist then the question posed can be answered with some certainty. If high level evidence does not exist then best evidence available can be summarised, and the failure to find good evidence can be used as a spring board for appropriate research.

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Some of them are : 1) job results/outcome
2) essay method
3) Ranking
4) Forced Distribution
5) Graphic Rating Scale
6) Behavioral Checklist
7) Behavioral Anchored Rating Scales (BARS)
8) Management by Objectives (MBO) Job ResultsThough not an appraisal method per se, job results are in themselves a source of data that can be used to appraise performance.