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Apple considering drones to improve its Map service

Apple is reportedly assembling ‘a team of robotics and data-collection experts’ which will be working with drones to update Apple Maps


In a bid to improve the navigation abilities of its ‘Maps’ app, Apple now plans to use drones to get more information for its product. According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple finds that drones will be able to update its maps faster than its existing fleet of cars that are fitted with cameras and the company has filed for an approval with FAA in order to allow its fleet of drones to be used for ‘commercial purposes’.

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Apple is reportedly putting together “a team of robotics and data-collection experts” who will be working with the drones to update its Maps product. Bloomberg says Apple will be using these drones to examine street signs, and will be able to monitor under construction areas and track changes on roads.

The company is also reportedly working on a new feature for the Maps, which will bring inside view of buildings and improvements in car navigation, says the report.

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Back when Apple Maps was launched in 2012, it quickly became the butt of jokes thanks to a number of bugs and errors that misplaced famous landmarks, gave incorrect directions and more. The Cupertino giant then quickly started fixing all the bugs by quietly buying several mapping companies and hiring their engineers.

Even while Apple tries to close the gap between its navigation services against Google Maps, the fact still remains that the latter is the most used navigation app in the world. With the ability to show street views across multiple countries in the world, Google Maps is the go-to maps for users on both Android and iOS.

Digital maps are an important element for tech giants like Apple and Google, and helps bring third-party developers that want to use the maps for their own apps – like Ola and Uber. Interestingly, in order to remove dependence on Google Maps, ridership app Uber is investing $500 million in a global mapping project – paving the way for its driverless car dreams.

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