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"If any are anxious to ascertain who I am," writes David Walker near theend of his , "know the world, that I am one of the oppressed,degraded and wretched sons of Africa, rendered so by the avaricious andunmerciful, among the whites." Born near the end of the eighteenth century inNorth Carolina as afreed person of color, by the mid-1820s Walker had moved to Boston. It was therethat he wrote this book; first published in 1829, it is one of the earliest African American authored protestsagainst slavery and racism. Despite his title, throughout he addresses himselfoften to white readers, hoping to change their hearts and acts: "America is as much our country, as it is yours.--Treatus like men, and there is no danger but we will all live in peace andhappiness." He intended his exhortation, though, mainly for black readers,hoping to arouse them to claim their human rights: "Oh! my coloured brethren,all over the world, when shall we arise from this death-like apathy?--And bemen!!"

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Despite great efforts of both the North and South to stop its publication, David Walker's Appeal became one of the most widely read and circulated books ever written by a black person.

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In 1829, David Walker wrote David Walker’s Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World

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