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Edwards covers all the basics of high school biology, including the structure of the living cell, bacteria and viruses, plants, invertebrates, chordates, homo sapiens, and more.

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The gives information, links, and resources relating to the AP Biology lab manual. It includes a downloadable PDF of AP Investigative Labs: An Inquiry-Based Approach.

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Diffusion is the net movement of material from an area of high concentration to an area with lower concentration. The difference of concentration between the two areas is often termed as the concentration gradient, and diffusion will continue until this gradient has been eliminated. Since diffusion moves materials from an area of higher concentration to the lower, it is described as moving solutes "down the concentration gradient" (compared with active transport, which often moves material from area of low concentration to area of higher concentration, and therefore referred to as moving the material "against the concentration gradient"). Simple diffusion and osmosis are similar. Simple diffusion is the passive movement of solute from a high concentration to a lower concentration until the concentration of the solute is uniform throughout and reaches equilibrium. Osmosis is much like simple diffusion but it specifically describes the movement of water (not the solute) across a membrane until there is an equal concentration of water and solute on both sides of the membrane. Simple diffusion and osmosis are both forms of passive transport and require none of the cell's ATP energy.

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Holt Science: Biology - AKNS Students BlogspotHolt Science: Biology 2 Critical Thinking Worksheets Name Class Date Biology and Scientific Methods continued Linkages In the spaces provided, write theCritical ThinkingHolt Science and Technology 39 Cells: The been fascinated by the biology of cells Therefore Critical Thinking continued MAKING Explain your answerBiology Critical Thinking Worksheets with Answer Key (Holt ScienceBibliographic Details Title: Biology Critical Thinking Worksheets with Publisher: Holt, Rinehart and Winston Publication Date: 2005 Binding: Paperback