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Sustainable Practices continues the study of the preparation and preservation of a wide variety of foods grown on our unique one-acre, urban farm. This course is co-taught and integrated with a Field Biology class and the two must be taken together. Emphasis is placed on engineering and design as well as hands on food production and the biology integral to understanding the workings of the farm. Students use their knowledge of biology to create a small growing space of their own incorporating sustainable practices. This class is taught off-site at the Terra Nova School of Science and Sustainability. transportation is provided. Upon successful completion of this class AND Field Biology students will receive 1.0 Applied Arts credit and 1.0 Science credit.

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An agent used to transfer DNA in genetic engineering

Knowledge of
biological processes at the molecular level has also
enabled scientists to develop techniques for the
direct manipulation of genetic information, a field

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It’s strange to know that most of the educated people regardless of gender are unaware of the importance of biotechnology in any aspects of our society, even though it is crystal clear that its technological value has foreseen for a long time to motivate the upcoming generations. It is certain that human existence and survival on the coming days rest on the development and rapidly advancement of biotechnology.

Bio-colonization, Genetic engineering, Deviant Body and Terrorism &Fear of Monsters in the book
Bio-colonization, Genetic engineering, Deviant Body and Terrorism &Fear of Monsters in the book

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Field Biology an off-site, team-taught course. This lab-based, hands-on course covers the principles of biology through the lens of sustainable agriculture at the Terra Nova School of Science & Sustainability. Students will work on the farm, in the kitchen, as well as in the classroom. All Oregon state standards for Biology, Scientific Inquiry, and Engineering Design are integrated in the course. Students will study biochemistry, cellular processes, genetics, evolution, sustainability, and ecology. Technological, historical, political, and environmental aspects of biology and sustainability will be addressed. Content learned in physics and chemistry courses will be built upon and expanded on in a biological context. Critical thinking, research, communication, analysis, and community are emphasized.

Bio-colonization, Genetic engineering, Deviant Body and Terrorism &Fear of Monsters in the book

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Rationale for Biologically-based Exposure Standards for Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation

Overall, these 1800 or so new studies report abnormal gene transcription (Section 5); genotoxicity and single-and double-strand DNA damage (Section 6); stress proteins because of the fractal RF-antenna like nature of DNA (Section 7); chromatin condensation and loss of DNA repair capacity in human stem cells (Sections 6 and 15); reduction in free-radical scavengers – particularly melatonin (Sections 5, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17); neurotoxicity in humans and animals (Section 9), carcinogenicity in humans (Sections 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17); serious impacts on human and animal sperm morphology and function (Section 18); effects on offspring behavior (Section 18, 19 and 20); and effects on brain and cranial bone development in the offspring of animals that are exposed to cell phone radiation during pregnancy (Sections 5 and 18). This is only a snapshot of the evidence presented in the BioInitiative 2012 updated report.
Bioeffects are clearly established and occur at very low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation. Bioeffects can occur in the first few minutes at levels associated with cell and cordless phone use. Bioeffects can also occur from just minutes of exposure to mobile phone masts (cell towers), WI-FI, and wireless utility ‘smart’ meters that produce whole-body exposure. Chronic base station level exposures can result in illness.

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@albert, Bob, MarkH, Clive, Rachel and others - it took me a long time to remember this, but I'm pretty sure that 15 to 20 years ago, there was a landmark study on RF effects in live cell cultures, that saw effects well below the level expected from heating. it was not long after the time that I was alerted to the problem of brain cancer seen in Sweden in the 1990's and not long before the first of the news clips below hit the press. I hadn't seen or had forgotten the news clips until now, although I've seen the overall controversy in the headlines forever. and I had just about forgotten about the subtle cellular effects. because of my time in radar, which has been long associated with cataracts, I already was interested in understanding more about biological effects of RF. the anecdote about the brain cancer survivors support group in Sweden (which I heard roughly 1998 to 2001, if I didn't say that already) put me on higher alert, so I read whatever showed up on the general topic in science news and similar outlets. it appears that there has been plenty of research effort since. I haven't seen the particular membrane and membrane-bound protein effects mentioned in the recent discussion here, but Clive alluded to non-thermal effects, of which there are many, and may have said membrane potential. luckily the Sweden anecdote alone made me paranoid enough to not have a cell phone until 2008, and it didn't take long for me to start keeping paper in the battery contacts, so my cell phone exposure has been very low.