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Radcliffe and her contemporaries....[n]o, what I propose to students of the Gothic is that any reinterpretation of this genre must proceed beyond or outside of the constricting framework of late-eighteenth-century esthetic theory, for if we are to establish the groundwork for a new appraisal of the Gothic imagination we will have to provide for the theoretical differentiation of mythopoetic tendencies that cannot be accounted for in terms of either "terror" or "horror".

Ann Radcliffe, "On the Supernatural in Poetry ..

Ann Radcliffe, "On the Supernatural in Poetry," The New Monthly Magazine (1826): 145-52

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She elucidated her stance in an 1826 essay entitled "On the Supernatural in Poetry," in which draws upon Edmund Burke in order to distinguish between terror and horror in literature.

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Radcliffe published five novels during her lifetime. The first two, (1789) and (1790), were published anonymously and received slight attention. Her third, (1791), was highly praised by contemporary reviewers for its poetic descriptions. Radcliffe's next two novels, (1794) and (1797), were and continue to be widely read. They were so frequently imitated in Europe that reviewers often spoke of the "Radcliffe school." had been praised for its poetic descriptions of landscapes and its imaginative energy. is notable for its greater narrative control, as well as its descriptions of and aesthetic theorizing about music. A measure of her popularity with contemporaries is the fact that Radcliffe received the unusually high advances of £500 for and £800 for . She wrote one travel narrative, (1795), which recounts her travels in Holland, Germany, and the English Lake District. A historical romance, , which she wrote in the winter of 1802, was published posthumously in 1826, along with an essay "On the Supernatural in Poetry."

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Her essay, “On the Supernatural in Poetry”, examines how she distinguishes between “terror” and “horror”

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Radcliffe also wrote an essay, “On the Supernatural in Poetry,” which was published in New Monthly Magazine (1826).

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